Life is a Personal Opportunity to Gain Perspective

His Love always offers the best Light for each picture. Life is a personal opportunity to gain perspective. Shaded tendencies can become principled movements.

Pray for guidance and good composition. Pray for others.

Read scripture to see more color at proper angles.

Meditate and soak in the developing fluid of relaxation.

Warriors of Light know that a snapshot doesn’t tell the whole story. Selfies are usually staged. Warriors learn to march in the Light. They carry Light with them to enhance vision for others. Their work is an inside job.

When We Think No One is Watching

Peace of mind wins the day ! Everyone wants it. Many things and many people promise it. It is ours for free, simply by doing what we know to be right even if no one is watching.

Pray for the little things as well as the big things. Practice.

Read scripture. See ordinary people simply making themselves available.

Meditate. Just a few relaxing breaths can change the perspective.

Warriors of Light reflect the energy already available to us all.

Their stance merely magnifys the Light from their Commander.