He is Waiting Just for You

Imagine the privilege of a personal audience with the wealthiest, most generous, most influential person in the world. He is waiting just for you…always available 24/7 and He looks forward to listening to you!

Pray and gain that audience.

Read scripture to gain some background information on Him.

Meditate and relax, He knows all your stuff and what you are thinking.

Warriors of Light go straight to the top at an unfettered, joyful pace. Their training includes daily visits with Him, The Light. They always leave more full and glowing. Try it, you’ll like it !

His Words are a Lamp Unto our Feet

The next step is ours to take, toward Light or dark. Even graded paths are easier in the Light. His Words are a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path. Pride and ego lead us through briars while Humility offers us a grassy way.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture to illuminate movements.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light find that  Humility dampens the critical spirit and the sharp tongue. Humility employs great care and appreciation. Humility offers the winning hand to all in His service.

Appreciate Each Moment as a Gift

Nothing stays the same so enjoy the changes. If put to the task do your best without expecting a pat on the back. He knows what you have done and nothing is forgotten.

Pray to appreciate each moment as a gift called the Present.

Read scripture to be encouraged for the future.

Meditate, breathe deeply and relax. Worry not about the past.

Warriors of Light enjoy the seasons of the year, of relationships and of life. They value the changes and the growth while being tolerant of the wear and tear. They know He can restore and renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings of eagles.

Trust as if Joining a Friend for a Saturday Adventure

Trust as if joining a friend for a Saturday adventure. Dress for the hike and the swim, be willing to park the car, get out and march through the woods. Experience the sweat, mosquitoes, an occasional briar but feel the cool of the shade and hear the water in the distance. See the path turn along the river, delight in the shoals and the falls the smiles and the fun.

Pray, employing Trust once again that He will lead you to the swimming hole.

Read scripture and be willing to follow His trail.

Meditate and relax your soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know their work is on the inside, becoming willing to accept His gifts graciously. Impossible to control another’s feelings, they concentrate on their own good behavior. This will bring right thinking followed by good feelings.

Weed out the Embedded Jealousies, Fears, and Doubts

Design the inside more beautifully than the outside. Dig into your heart and weed out the embedded jealousies, fears, and doubts. Don’t fondle them but lift them up to Him. He can handle them for you. Relax in knowing you were personally shaped for good.

Pray because it is your privilege as His child.

Read scripture and find the part that belongs to your day.

Meditate on the good, feel safe in His shadow.

Warriors of Light know they must give up to receive, surrender to win and share to keep. Life is good and our smiles show best when our minds are with our hands helping others.

Only He Can Change the Tides

Keep your mind in the present, that is where you live. Like boating, you must know the rules, maintain your craft, ease carefully into the river and watch the water.  Take with you those you love or find entertaining, cast your line in the water and get a bite.

Pray with Praise and Thanksgiving. Watch the clouds disappear.

Read scripture and set your course avoiding the shallows and the big wakes.

Meditate and relax. Only He can change the tides.

Warriors of Light know to switch locations and bait for the outcome they desire.  If nothing changes, nothing will change.

Under His Wings, We Have it All

We need each other to be reminded of Truth. Even the one who taught will need to be refreshed. None of us have it all together but together, under His wings, we have it all.

Pray anytime, anywhere about anything. He awaits your call.

Read scripture He will speak to your heart with the words on the page and a still small voice.

Meditate. Relax and see things look differently.

Warriors of Light know that if you hold on to Truth, the Truth will set you free! This all happens in the battleground of the mind. No matter the problem, lift it up, He has brought us through worse already.

Splendor is Displayed in the Sky

Pay attention! Messages and signs are in every breath. Leaves rustle with song while birds hit the high notes. Splendor is displayed in the sky and reflected in the ocean all to remind us of The Power and Love available.

Pray and stake your claim.

Read scripture and mine the riches.

Meditate. Relax and mentally refine ores delivered by His Hand.

Warriors of Light know that an encrusted rock may appear to be nothing or even something troublesome. A bit of work, cleaning and polish may hint at its value. Brought into the Light it may Shine !

Stay on Track, to Spin in the Light

The spider plans the placement then spins the web to wait, catch, feed and reproduce.  Somehow the spider is honest enough to not get caught in its own web.

Pray to stay on track, to spin in the Light.

Read scripture to feed the soul and learn good weaving patterns.

Meditate on the Goodness of Life and relax while digesting His words.

Warriors of Light know that spiders have a place in the world. Their part in the food chain and pest control is important. Webs can catch the eye and amaze the mind. Spider’s can seem smart and even seem wealthy. They always trap the unaware and they usually bite.

Hear the Underlying Music of Peace

Choose the Power to let the Light inside ! Carefully choose the words which describe who and where you are. Instead of remarking with knitted brow that the arm motion is restricted, declare Gratitude for its capabilities and Praise for the expected improvement. Exercise the power of thoughts and words to create reality. Use them wisely.

Pray for Wisdom and discernment. Choose responses rather than reacting.

Read scripture and hear the underlying music of Peace.

Meditate. Turn off input and relax in the current position.

Warriors of Light find Joy in service. They do not move far impulsively.

They practice right actions to develop right thinking. Decisions based on feelings develop problems. Decisions based on principles offer Peace in His Goodness.