There Is a Plan for Your Joy

There is a plan, place, family and design for your joy. The design does not include you clinging to one place, thing, habit, person or pet.

The design is to Trust Him and go with the flow of His Glory and purpose.

Pray for understanding and peace.

Read scripture to remind you of the truth you already know.

Meditate. Purposely relax. Just be and listen.

Warriors of Light employ Trust in their countenance, actions and reactions. Carefully choosing their family and friends, Warriors know it is better to be loved and bereaved than to never have loved at all.

Put Your Hand in His

Don’t put off asking for or starting your dream. Be flexible in your desires and expectations. Cherish each moment and each gift. Watch the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Psalm 147 tells us that He delights in those who put their hope in His unfailing love.

Pray. Tell Him all about it.

Read scripture. Discover that He doesn’t pick the able as often as He equips the available.

Meditate. Relax in the Truth.

Warriors of Light know that nothing is too difficult for Him. Put your hand in His and get ready for