See the Opportunities for Growth

Leave the words should and ought on the shelf.  Look and see the opportunities for growth. Like a lawn they can be fertilized with smiles and watered with hugs. They will always need mowing to train the growth. Issues arise like weeds, He can pluck them out best if we let go.

Pray to desire what is best.

Read scripture to learn the advantages of Good yard care.

Meditate to keep it real. Relax in the Peace always available.

Warriors of Light know that putting Him first and offering their Life as a place for His lawns will bring them the desires of their Heart

Drawn to the Light

He is the source of every good thing. He loves you. Ask and you shall receive. Honor Him by taking good care of your health and His children, then watch the miracles roll towards you. Pain will be lessened and joy will belong to you. Prayers that you dared not speak will be answered.

Pray first, and arise from the right side of the bed.

Read scripture and gain Power.

Meditate by breathing slowly and deeply. Relax in the Peace always at the ready for your use.

Warriors of Light shine by reflecting His Light. Their devotion magnifies His Light. Goodness and its people are drawn to this Light with their gifts and open hands.