Treat Yourself As You Would Your Best Friend’s Child

One good decision can be a turning point only if it is followed by good actions. Repeated we find good habits. Then we start thinking properly as a habit. People love habits, make yours the good ones. Treat yourself as well as you would your best friend’s child.

Pray. The humble stance of prayer helps us practice humility.

Read scripture. Gain humility and wisdom.

Meditate. Seems unlikely but the action of being still and relaxed clears the way for productive life and relationships.

Warriors of Light don’t know everything. Their training puts them in a fortunate position of knowing Who to ask and how to ask.

Fruit of the Spirit

“You will know a Spirit by its fruits.”

Anyone can be pleasant and seem well to do for a time.

Anyone can claim to have your best interest in the heart.

Know people are by what relationships and projects they create.

Pray for Wisdom and Discernment.

Read scripture for direction and peace.

Meditate. It helps with whatever is going on.

Warriors of Light remember that involvement in the affairs of others is like grabbing a dog by its ear.

Finding Opportunities to be Positive

Let the positives soak into your life ! Positives wait in every moment, every event, even amongst the pain.

Victory lies not in blind obedience but in letting Him rule your heart.

Pray and let go.

Read scripture. Substantiate your faith.

Meditate. Deep breaths or repeated lil prayers put a new Light on the situation.

Warriors of Light know that an odd noise or a stopped sled holds an opportunity to accept help and form new relationships.

The Trip of Your Life

Mother calls to say she has arranged an all expense paid trip for you. Time with pay is arranged. Classes are offered to find the best relationship with God and the best possible future has been arranged. Can you turn her down ?

Surprise …with the right angle of approach…this is your life !

Pray. Believe me, you will receive answers.

Read scripture. The ticket to your adventure is tucked in the pages.

Meditate. Don’t have time ? Take the time. Now watch the rest of your duties take less time.

Warriors of Light find adventures in every day. Their courage to play the hand dealt allows them to win over any length of time in the game. Smile and become a Warrior of Light.

Start by Looking in the Mirror

“If you are looking for someone to change your life, look in the mirror.”

Take action. Just start . After starting the rest is easier. Don’t give up. Perseverance is a gift that may belong to you.

There will always be a side of your mind with second guesses.

The noise doesn’t have to reach your heart.

Pray and talk to Him. Stay in touch. Cultivate the relationship.

Read scripture. Pleasure is not forbidden.

Meditate. Be still. Even a spoon must rest to soak.

Warriors of Light know that once on the march even a wrong turn can be directed and used for our good and His glory.

Willingness to See the Light

“It takes one half the lethal dose to educate a human.” We are hard headed.

Insanely… “We keep doing the same thing expecting different results.”

Willingness to change is a gift.

Pray. Prayer changes things, not always by Tuesday.

Read scripture, an instruction manual or map for life and relationships.

Meditate. Hard to believe but it makes life easier.

Warriors of Light pray for their eyelash of willingness to grow. This welcomes “the Sunlight of the Spirit.” This lights the way.

Relationships, cultivated, have deeper roots

“Appreciation is increase in value. ” Relationships, appreciated, increase in value.

Gardens are cultivated for deeper roots. Relationships, cultivated, have deeper roots.

Lacking roots ? Cultivate  relationships!

Pray. It is safe to say what you are really thinking and feeling.

Read scripture. See the words on the page hear the words in your heart.

Meditate. Close your eyes. Trust that the world will spin without your attention.

Warriors of Light know Who is in charge. They accept the fact that it is not them.

People are Jewel Boxes

“The value of a relationship with someone is best decided by our own personal experience.”

We hear this or that about Uncle Ix and we treat him as if it were true. Years later we find out he is a very nice guy that we missed getting to know.

We hear this or that about people in the news.  Bad news gets higher ratings.

Pray to get the real news for life.

Read scripture and discover the endless tools for purpose and joy in life.

Meditate. Slow it down. Silence the committee. Just be still. Just be.

Warriors of Light stop in their rush and visit. They find that people are jewel boxes. If treated kindly the best facets will catch the light. What a joy to see and share the best in others.


Gratitude is Your Friend

Gratitude is forceful. Gratitude irons out the one little wrinkle in today’s bed while reaching into the past to improve old relationships. Gratitude is your friend.

Pray and talk to the Guy in charge. Thank him. Look for His smile in your day.

Read scripture. Learn about the tools for improvement.

Meditate. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Repeat. Trust that this will improve your attitude.

Warriors of Light continually use gratitude and Praise as tools to sharpen their perspective.

Behold His power in your heart. It’s an inside job !

Controlling the Tongue

Words have power. They can hurt and heal. They direct the traffic of our minds.  If another is upset and saying so, be quiet. No matter your choice of words if you speak, argument will follow.

“You have what you say you will have.”

Use your words with care. You will find that controlling the tongue will keep you out of trouble and provide opportunities.

Pray and expect results from your words.

Read scripture and devotionals and feast on words.

Meditate and think with words. Breathe deeply and enjoy the silence.

Warriors of Light use words to don their shields of Faith.

To gird their loins with Truth and move confidently through the noise and the haste.