Pray Often and Allow Pruning

Fig trees must be pruned like an open hand to receive Light and bear the most figs. Harvest must be timely and tender. Too much rain splits the fruit, birds steal and ants will mar the flesh. The preserves are Divine!

Pray often and allow pruning.

Read scripture, tuck it inside and allow it to remove the dead branches of ideas.

Meditate, be refreshed  with renewed thinking.

Warriors of Light carry small packs for long marches. He does for them what they cannot do for themselves in reaching the old scars with Salve and emptying the basement of Rocks.

Gain and Regain Awe

Humilty is where it is happening !

In Humilty we receive answers and love. Even the “very sensitive” hear truth in peace under the shelter of Humilty.  Careful now, but a quick breath makes us proud of our Humilty.

Pray for a stance that remains eager to learn.

Read scripture, gain and regain your awe.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and just be.

Warriors of Light reinforce their Humilty with the understanding of authority. Authority gains command and assumes a Commander.

Cloaked in Humility, a Warrior is unspeakably attractive.