Balance is Found with His Scales

Once awake, thinking begins establishing reality. Direction is a choice between poles. No matter the choice, opposite poles still exert magnetism. Handing it up to Him pulls the matter away, setting us free, becoming ready to accept the outcome with Him at our side.

Pray. Prayer works. Prayer is an exertion and a force which has impact.

Read scripture to acquaint the mind with the process of renewal.

Meditate. Restful thought empowers.

Warriors of Light balance the loads of acceptance and warfare by using His scales not their mother’s. His Love is truly unconditional and everlasting.

Smooth the Edges

We are different but equal. We each have the power to choose our angle of approach. The power to Honor the problem or to Honor God.

Proclaim His mercy and receive it into your life.

Pray to recognize your opportunities.

Read scripture and weave Truth into your reality.

Meditiate before speaking. Words matter. Tone matters more.

Warriors of Light recognize that it takes sandpaper to smooth the edges. Their response grows softer as they mature.

Just Breathe

“We create our own reality and our own problems simply by what we put or allow in our life.”

Don’t think about the problems.

Think about goodness, truth,

love, life, great weather, warm showers, good hugs and the smile of a loved one.

Pray.  Praise Him. Thank Him.

Enjoy life !

Read scripture. It doesn’t all make sense to us but reading it will feed the spirit in ways we do not understand.

Meditate. Stop thinking about yourself and difficulties. Just breathe.

Warriors of Light think about aspects of the good, aspects of God. This leaves them the energy to battle the real enemy. It deters them from creating new ones.