Pray and Enjoy a Better View

Everything in our life has purpose. Every trial and taxing person holds a lesson and a treasure. Learn to enjoy !

Take those moments of angst and trade them for optimism. They never served you anyway.

Pray. Pray in the beginning and get a better view.

Read scripture. The secrets it holds are endless.

Meditate. Just take a minute. It works.

Warriors of Light will pray about anything with anyone. They do not discriminate. And you can join them.

Open Doors to Find Opportunity

“Willingness to learn and a heart to serve will open the doors.”  Opportunities will avail themselves to you. People will avail themselves to you. A life filled with purpose, miracles and appreciation unfolds with unselfish motives.

Yours to enjoy !

Pray. Lead by example.

Read scripture. Keep your ideas in shape.

Meditate. Relax, breathe easy. You are not in charge anyway.

Warriors of Light feel the rhythm of the day. Their cadence, their dance inspires others to step in Faith

Read the Signs for Direction and Clarity

Read the signs. Make your decisions wisely. Whether you are traveling to an unfamiliar place or starting a new relationship, read the signs.

Pray for direction and clarity.

Read scripture and let your mind rest. Your purpose will be defined.

Meditate. Use beads or breathing. Participate in the rhythm of your breath.

Warriors of Light are always learning. A teachable spirit allows training for the Commander’s missions. Learning is an honor.

Put Things in Perspective

Perspective !  It belongs to us. We know its advantage. It seems there is a committee in our head trying to steal it.  They can be and must be disarmed.

Pray to “Our Father” he can see it all. To Him it things are pliable.

Read scripture and assure yourself of your worth and purpose.

Meditate. Breathing deeply can leave you relaxed and secure.

Warriors of Light find peace in good armament. They know the value of refreshing it daily.

“Things are new every morning.”

Being Thankful Today

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life ! Enjoy it !

Put on a new hat if only with a new attitude ! Try some new food. Do a new exercise. Life is a privilege. See the adventure !

Pray. Be thankful and express it.

Read scripture and discover your purpose and strengths.

Meditate. This is time used wisely. Use it wisely.

Warriors of Light discover that waiting  is an adventure of guiding the imagination.

Anxiety is an adventure in acceptance.

Light Unto Thy Path

Joy is your opportunity ! You are loved and designed with purpose. Receive it and maintain your sanity, your peace of mind.

We are all equal in our ability to choose the right attitude. Start your day with the “right angle of approach ” and like a ray of sunlight, you can be where the darkness disappears.

Pray. Call upon Him. You are built to receive His blessings. You can receive more if you are turned His way.

Read scripture. It holds keys to many doors in your life.

Meditate. Stop what you “think” you should be doing. Just be. Just listen to the quiet.

Warriors of Light ask to be of service. They find joy as they climb the way.

He is a “Lamp unto thy feet and a Light unto thy path.”

A Most Fabulous Journey

You are on a fabulous journey ! There is a plan for you and a purpose for you.  If you feel busy and a bit overwhelmed you are privileged. Our only enemies are fear, doubt and pride. They make such  a clamor in our heads ! They form committees and demand worry.

They can be silenced by Praise and gratitude. Peace can be availed with humility. Prayer works  !

Pray for understanding and acceptance of the privileges you are offered.

Read scripture. Yes, reading the instructions can seem demanding but the results are obvious.

Meditate. Slow down. Inhale deeply. Repeat .

Warriors of Light enjoy the journey. They laugh and love and take time to listen. Friends are the treasures and trust is the prize !

Finding Opportunity

Life abounds with opportunities. Even our struggles offer opportunities for growth. Real happiness seems to lie in work and accomplishment not in rest.

Pray to find your suitable opportunities.

Read scripture to learn more about your purpose and place.

Meditate. Breathe in awareness of your flavor and direction.

Warriors of Light gain by giving. They seek and find. They ask and receive.  They maintain their equipment and their souls.

Pain and Purpose

Pain is real. Misery is optional. We love certain people, pets, plants, places and things.   Often our love can almost define us. God and change are the only things which  infinitely continue in our lives.

To hurt when we have lost is normal.  Despair serves no one.

Pray to be able to appreciate your continued purpose.
Read scripture to guide your path.

Meditate. Stop and seriously consider your attitude.
Warriors of Light know the right angle of approach can display many blessings.