See the Beauty of the Day Started with a Sunrise

See the beauty of the day started with a sunrise !  Each moment holds a lesson with The Tutor just a prayer away.

Nothing is too difficult for Him or us while holding His hand.

Pray as in discussion. If disgruntled, let Him know, get it out. The Peace will come, perhaps Peace by piece.

Read scripture as a map book, a Love note, a copy of a Will, a diary containing your secrets.

Meditate and inhale strength for your projects.

Warriors of Light know all problems to be of their own making mostly wrapped in self centered fear. Warriors know the relationship with Him enables relationships with others offering Life and…wait for it…Peace.

Unlock the Day by Looking Up

Unlock the day by looking Up. Employ Gratitude to open the door of projects not problems to handle. Wipe the windshield with Forgiveness and let in the Light.

Stay on the High road at each intersection and keep your hands on your own steering wheel. Pray. It is like stopping to ask Directions.

Read scripture, it is the Map you need.

Meditate. Relax and let Him take you for a ride.

Warriors of Light know lifted

Spirits make the day ! This begins understanding of reality being Spiritually controlled. Humility gives a clear view of the road ahead

A Puzzle That Offers More Answers Than Questions

Piled up before us, appearing impossible to finish, we keep the projects of our lives like pieces of a puzzle. And like a puzzle we start with one piece, once placed it offers more answers than questions. Relax ! The puzzle belongs to Him. It is but our privilege to move the pieces.

Pray to focus only on each next step.

Read scripture, it offers the straight edge where we need only match the colors to find the next piece.

Meditate, breathe deeply, watch the big picture become more clear.

Warriors of Light celebrate the beauty of His creation by admiring each piece and feeling joyous when two fit together. Acknowledging His ownership with Gratitude keeps the perspective joyous !