Just Look Up

Just look up ! Pull your mind away from the problem. Once up, let the weight of the situation down with a turn toward the better. Take each next step in the right direction. Even the smallest step will make a difference.

Pray for guidance.

Read scripture and learn how to see the Path.

Follow only one Navigator.

Meditate. Stop the movement and just breathe.

Warriors of Light know practicing Trust in the smallest things will build confidence. Spiritual muscles gain tone and definition with exercise.

Help is as close as looking up

Pain is heavy, sometimes overwhelming. We imagine it will last forever.

“Suffering is the most underused resource on the planet.”

“A problem shared is a problem cut in half.”

Help is as close as looking up.

It does not last forever and we learn, change and grow. We become stronger people who know how to make it through tough times.

We learn how to ask for help and how to receive it.

Pray. Become “a part of ” not “apart from.”

Read scripture and become familiar with your options.

Meditate. Silence the worry committee and breathe.

Warriors of Light know to be who they are. They look best and fit best in their own armor.