Smiles Make Everything Better

It is free ! It requires no special education or talent. It will light the room, make people comfortable, provide motivation and improve working conditions.

It belongs to you and can be used at anytime, in any place. People react, usually right away.

So smile and enjoy the day !

Pray. It is your privilege. You need not wait in line.

Read scripture, get valuable insight.

Meditate. This can be done with only a pause.

Warriors of Light know their smile shows the better side of any situation. Aimed carefully it will melt even the  “yeah, but”.

Let Him Hold You

Relax in His arms. Let Him hold you. Don’t explain how He ought to do it. Watch the words “should and ought”. Let them ring alarm bells in your heart. Careful what you speak into reality.

Every team needs a leader. Choose yours, bet on His odds.

Pray and watch.

Read scripture and learn.

Meditate and thrive. Breathe slowly. Enjoy the privilege of breath.

Warriors of Light accept wrinkles in their sheets made from a night of rest.

The Human Mind is A Marvelous Thing

The human mind is a marvelous thing, but it is human. It will send you into a room on a mission and leave the reason for the mission hanging back in the room where you started.

The mind varies it’s performance with practice, hunger, emotions, rest, music or age.

Appreciate the abilities you have ! Use them. Be of service and realize it’s a privilege.

Pray. Pray first thing and change your day.

Read scripture. Stay informed. Learn to take direction. Learn to follow directions.

Meditate. Realize the value of being still. The power gained by stopping  !

Warriors of Light are not perfect. They admit their limitations. They show strength by asking for help.

A Most Fabulous Journey

You are on a fabulous journey ! There is a plan for you and a purpose for you.  If you feel busy and a bit overwhelmed you are privileged. Our only enemies are fear, doubt and pride. They make such  a clamor in our heads ! They form committees and demand worry.

They can be silenced by Praise and gratitude. Peace can be availed with humility. Prayer works  !

Pray for understanding and acceptance of the privileges you are offered.

Read scripture. Yes, reading the instructions can seem demanding but the results are obvious.

Meditate. Slow down. Inhale deeply. Repeat .

Warriors of Light enjoy the journey. They laugh and love and take time to listen. Friends are the treasures and trust is the prize !