True Companions Match Pace

Generosity shows strength and wisdom. We really own nothing but enjoy its use, careful not to allow it to own us. True companions in this journey need no invitations, they become noticed by the matching pace.

Pray to maintain focus on real priorities.

Read scripture.  Learn we belong to Him. This realization fills the hole in the soul.

Meditate on the good and joyful things while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light know there are enemies of The Good. The most dangerous mock affection, while cloaking daggers in their thoughts. Warriors of Light sleep soundly after battle beside those with the matched pace.

The Irresistible Attractiveness of Being Trustworthy

Being trustworthy is the sexiest thing one can be ! It is irresistibly attractive in any season and it grows more attractive as one matures.

It requires only that your word is your bond and your priorities remain fast.  Added to a generous spirit it moves easily through any crowd.

When it finds its partner, love, the pair wins.

Pray to the Director. Appreciate good Management.

Read scripture. Learn that humility wears well.

Meditate. Still the emotions and breathe deeply. Relax in who you are.

Warriors of Light with battle scars can be leery. Trust in the Commander allows trust in their fellows. They choose their battles.

Open Mindedness

Open your mind and be willing to learn. Share what you know and be willing to let another take their own path.

There is more than one right way to pray, to be of service and to grow. Just keep moving forward with your priorities set.

Pray. Share your thoughts, your concerns and your gratitude with God.

Read scripture and use it as a banister in your life.

Meditate. Relax. Repeat. Relish all you have with gratitude.

Warriors of Light don’t know everything. They know Who knows. They know how to ask and how to listen.