Relax Fearlessly

Heaven lies in the forgiveness of others because it lifts resentment away. Peace lies in forgiveness of self because it removes the arrogance of spiritual pride. This pride is subtle and can be hidden as shyness, timidity or even complacency but in fact it is pride.

Pray and stay current with your reports.

Read scripture for clues on the proper reading of events and reporting techniques.

Meditate. Just relax fearlessly in His protection.

Warriors of Light know pride comes before a fall, so don’t fall just lean on Him and your brothers. Warriors report in nightly and start their days by saluting the Commander with their gentle moves.

Pride, Forgiveness, Humility

What is behind righteous indignation but pride ?

“Pride goeth before a fall.”

Forgiveness is giving up our right to be angry.

Humility, which can be donned with the use of gratitude, is our cloak of protection.

Pray to remain thankful. Continue to nestle under the wings of the Almighty.

Read devotionals and scripture to guide our angle of approach.

Meditate on the good things in your life.

Warriors of Light find their authority in service. They watch to anticipate the needs of others but they wait for the dawn of appreciation in which to move.