Write Your Concerns on a Bit of Paper and Put Them in a Bag

Worried ? Most worries never come to pass. Instead of worrying write your concerns on a bit of paper and put them in a lil bag or box. Allow Him to handle anything placed in the bag. At the end of each month open the bag and read old worries. Surprise ! Most worries never come to pass.

Pray instead of worrying. Then consider it handled.

Read scripture and claim words of Life and Peace as belonging to you.

Meditate and relax in the blessings already in your midst.

Warriors of Light know their only Power lies in the present. Their energy is best used in the same time and space as their breath. After completing one’s chores, Humility and reliance on Him are the best solutions.

Love and Joy in Our Hands

Focusing on each moment that we are in makes the present a present. Focus on the actual Love and Joy in our hands makes it multiply. The mind traveling to regrets or desires is removed from the present.

Pray to voice appreciation.

Read scripture it will adjust your angle of approach.

Meditate especially if you think you are pressed for time.

Warriors of Light mind the present and mine the present. It  makes one smile, gives Him the problems, the Glory and lets them dance through Life while helping others.

Celebrate in Your Ability to Be Kind and Understanding

Celebrate in your own ability to be kind and understanding, which grows proportionally with our Trust in Him. Nothing else can impact you, your health, your wealth or your entire reality more.

Remember celebration is in the present moment, filled with smiles and Joy.

Pray because it is our privilege to speak to Him personally.

Read scripture and find that it’s answers are offered for us.

Meditate because it is our privilege to relax in His care.

Warriors of Light accept the responsibilities of care of themselves and their household, knowing that He works through us and others to gain our portion.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be

“Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does ! “

“ Keep your mind where your hands are, in the present. “

“Beat yourself with a feather not a hammer. “

Relax, enjoy what is before you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Pray first thing. Start the day on the right foot.

Read scripture. Wisdom travels through the ages .

Meditate. Inhale deeply then exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light follow through with commitments in a prompt fashion. They follow protocol.

They do things His way.