Forgiveness Clears the Way, Shields Block the Fiery Darts

Forgiveness clears the way to the Life desired. Disapproval and predjudice are forms of unforgiveness. It may be a bad habit, a political affiliation, a religion, a race, a nationality or a severe crime that causes a lack of forgiveness but there it is blocking the Light in our days.

Pray in a quiet place and offer the willingness to forgive even that for which you wear the scars.

Read scripture and tuck a bit into your heart to proclaim aloud whenever the old issue appears in your mind.

Meditate often on the Goodness of Life.

Warriors of Light keep their heads clear by setting up a perimeter of Joy. They use their shields of Faith to block the fiery darts sent their way. Goodness and Mercy follow them in their marches and missions.