Find a Place to Rest and Understand the Answers

Freedom not restriction is really found within the Light. There lies visibility, direction and Him to hold our  hand. Strength to endure, places to rest, fellowship with those we allow to help are available as soon as we stop directing and start listening.

Pray to understand the answer to our prayers.

Read scripture. Tuck a few lines into memory to feed the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy breathing in His company.

Warriors of Light know to stay in the Light. They use Praise and Gratitude to bolster their shields of Faith. Many strive because they fear finding themselves in hell. Most Warriors have already been through hell and they refuse to go back!

His Goodness Will Straighten Your Steps, with an Added Bounce

Set your mind on the good not looking for fault. Head for the Light provided and notice that It is always provided. Keep moving forward regardless of how tangled the path appears. Focusing on His Goodness will straighten your steps with an added bounce.

Prayer is the most important conversation of your day.

Read scripture. Not only the words written but the act of seeking them will feed your soul.

Meditate. Feel yourself resting in His arms and breathe easily.

Warriors of Light know that Light fills space with no room for inventoried losses or blame. In the Light one sees opportunities for Love. Focusing His Love makes obstacles melt and warms the hearts of seemed enemies

Accept Opportunities, Be Willing to Dance

Think what you like but you will receive what you are thinking.

Be open to all He has for you and you will receive all He has for you.

Thoughts and prayers have power.

Pray to hear and be all that you can be.

Read scripture and fill your mind with Hope and Peace. Dance with Hope and Peace.

Meditate. Relax with deep breathing. Relax in your life.

Warriors of Light arise willing to accept the opportunities, willing to dance. Many dances involve partners. We can learn not to step on their toes

An Eyelash of Willingness

With just an eyelash of willingness the Sunlight of the Spirit will enter. In awe, we be renewed, strengthened, and set aright. Be willing to breathe the good air.

Pray, aloud if necessary, from a book if necessary.

Read scripture. Find clues to improve your prayers.

Meditate. Take a deep breath. Taste the good air.

Warriors of Light march in the Spirit of the Commander. His Spirit falls upon them, refreshing them, lifting them.

Love and Be Loved and Solve Problems

Be the answer to someone else’s prayers. We are designed to love, be loved and solve problems. God works through other people. Often, He speaks through other people. Allow yourself to be one of those other people. Embrace your position !

Pray for clarity and desire.

Read scripture, the source of the wise old sayings. Get the info first hand.

Warriors of Light are happiest when carrying and sharing the Light. Their tasks are voluntary. Their skills sharpen with practice. Their work is well thought of and enjoyable. What’s not to like ?

Change the World with Prayer

“More important than being the best is being available.”

Stay in the moment. “Keep your mind where you hands are.” Hear and listen.  Leave your heart open.

See the opportunities to be of service. Be of service.

Pray and talk to Him like He is someone you know. Watch Him become someone you know.

Read scripture to learn more about yourself.

Meditate on the treasures of your day.

Warriors of Light know that waiting is being of service.

A small word of reassurance can make a hero.

Prayer can change a world.