Enjoy Life by Facing Who and Where You Are

Be prepared to enjoy your life by facing who and where you are with a private expectancy of better things to come. Trust that your Father is working in your behalf. Receive your gifts in purportion to your Humilty which is also a gift.

Pray upon awakening and thereafter.

Read scripture to keep the battleground of your mind in good stead.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and allow goodness to seep into your heart.

Warriors of Light know advantage in battle lies in approaching from the high ground. When caught in a low spot, they verbalize Thanksgiving and their perspective is magically lifted.

Always a Storm Brews Somewhere

Always a storm brews somewhere and a disaster can be remembered. Remember the heroism and compassion of the day. Appreciate the unifying force of an attack.

Trust Him that all things work to the Good.

Pray upon awakening. This thwarts stupidity and evil.

Read scripture before rising and you will be armed.

Meditate . Breathe and take a break from being in charge.

Warriors of Light play well with others because they know the rules. They engage with Love and Acceptance while maintaining their perimeter. They can be heard laughing with the Commander at the awkwardness of movements while armed. The must threatening weapon they carry is Kindness wrapped with good timing.