Processes, Sometimes Painful, Bring Beauty to Fruition

Summertime foliage offers a richer show of deeper greens. Roots have struggled to find the mineral encrusted nutrients, leaves have become waxy to hold moisture in the heat, trunks and stems have turned to receive the Light. Processes, sometimes painful, bring beauty to fruition.

Pray for understanding.

Read scripture offering instructions, warnings and promises.

Meditate, relax, drop the rocks, enjoy the journey.

Warriors of Light know the doorway to Love, Life and Peace is Humility. The wise reach this point quickly, the rest of us come kicking and screaming after so many failed plans. Warriors know He can, we can’t, let’s let him.

We Rise Together and Help One Another

Wisdom is available to all. Our choice is to purchase it for the price of a willing heart or a wounded soul. Both are able to embrace the challenge of change.

Pray to gain understanding and reach for the Love always available.

Read scripture. The old ones took time to listen, share, and preserve lessons for us.

Meditate, relax, let your mind be free from itself for a few.

Warriors of Light trust the Instructor. They know He has a plan. When they stay in formation, like geese, they may share the lead, gain lift, find comradery, stay on course and be appreciated in their position. When disabled, another goose stays at their side. When healed they will rise together, returning to the flock or joining another.