Praise and Gratitude, Thanksgiving and Prayer

In the middle of the puzzle use Praise and Gratitude ! In the middle of the heartbreak use Thanksgiving and prayer.

In the middle of insults and disappointment use love.

Pray because He knows all of what you think and what they feel.

Read scripture to keep your countenance lifted.

Meditate on the other surprises in life that have turned out well.

Warriors of Light face life on life’s terms knowing that Our Father has our back. Success through struggles glorifies Him and pain causes growth and emotional maturity.

Listen for Which Current to Follow

Praise and Gratitude quiet the smarting of disappointment. Like oars they propel when placed in the water of our reality and pulled. They lift the muscles of our frown and put them to work on His next project in our lives.

Pray and listen for which current to follow.

Read scripture to lift you from the sandbar and protect you from the banks..

Meditate to rest your soul in His Hands.

Warriors of Light set the pace in a rhythm of Joy and their journey ends with His Grace being sufficient for all.

Look up and follow His Light

So quickly the mind will pick a theme of discontent and follow a trail adding evidence to rationalize. Keep the mind on the Goodness He offers and seek Humility rather than justice. Offer Praise rather than licking wounds and gain Spiritual growth which serves forever.

Pray earnestly without a scorecard. Pray for the needs of others and gain “extra credit” for your lessons.

Read scripture and find pleasure in dying to the needs of self.

Meditate and relax in the paradox of surrender for victory.

Warriors of Light sometimes lose their way but their training teaches to look up and follow His Light. The willingness to seek His good returns more than our hearts desire.

Only He Can Change the Tides

Keep your mind in the present, that is where you live. Like boating, you must know the rules, maintain your craft, ease carefully into the river and watch the water.  Take with you those you love or find entertaining, cast your line in the water and get a bite.

Pray with Praise and Thanksgiving. Watch the clouds disappear.

Read scripture and set your course avoiding the shallows and the big wakes.

Meditate and relax. Only He can change the tides.

Warriors of Light know to switch locations and bait for the outcome they desire.  If nothing changes, nothing will change.

His Light Illuminates the Silver Linings

Our gift is thought with Power and The Word to guide our words. Practice allows us to keep emotions out of the driver’s seat and Trust silences the committee in our heads. The way is clear, not easy but clear.

Pray and feel free to tell Him about your fears and leave them there. Go back anytime a new one crops up.

Read scripture and know there is nothing new under the sun.

Meditate and relax. Present difficulties are all means to new adventures in growth.

Warriors of Light are trained to Rejoice and use the sacrifice of Praise. This creates good thinking and is followed by good feelings. Even when the worst happens His Light illuminates the silver linings.

Turn to Him

Fear can attack our minds with a misplaced file, a missing  pocketbook, the health of a loved one or what we thought someone meant to say. Fear steals our peace and is in fact our mind attacking itself. Turn to Him when this happens and know that He loves your dependence on Him.

Pray freely on any subject and watch yourself change.

Read scripture to remind you of His Truth.

Meditate and and relax in the only real security.

Warriors of Light rejoice with Him knowing He will provide and through His Power the lost can be found and the broken can be healed. They please Him with Praise and Gratitude loosening the gates for more blessings

Relax and Watch the World Turn Without Your Assistance

Consciousness and time are our gifts. Devote these to Him through Praise and Thanksgiving and even the sting of separation or death will lose its power. Use these in prayer and your busiest day will move as though greased.

The invisible will become visible in results.

Pray. All prayers are answered.

Yes, no and are you kidding me ?

Read scripture for fortitude and mind renewal.

Meditate. Relax and watch the world turn without your assistance.

Warriors of Light know that He is in charge and He provides. They know their training as problem solvers is not as important as their Willingness to ask Him and Trust Him. The invisible will become visible in results.

Feed the Good Dog

Keep that Good dog in your head well fed ! Don’t feed the one that tempts, then condemns.

Don’t let that pokey elbow ruin the feel of warmth in nearness. Don’t miss the moment of success by having the mind elsewhere. Know when each race is over to enjoy the finish.

Pray and tell Him your angst. Then use Praise and Gratitude to hold up the day.

Read scripture and listen. Let the messages sink into the Heart and guard the tongue.

Meditate and remember the Peace contained in silence.

Warriors of Light know that words of concern, advice, warning and fear are unwelcome.

They show their Love with smiles and actions. They know Faith is not believing that what we want will arrive but accepting whatever comes and finding its lessons. Warriors know that all things work to the good of those who Love Him.

Gratitude and Praise Act as Oars

What happens in our life is less important that how we respond.

Even when startled we make a choice to smile and march forward, allowing all things to work for our Good. Even a wrong decision can be redeemed and appear as part of The Plan. Gratitude and Praise act as oars to row and allow us to float through the swamps of Life or to race along the smooth waters.

Pray for Direction and watch understanding unfold.

Read scripture and fuel The Force.

Words have Power.

Meditate. Purposely relax and adjust to the temperature of Life.

Warriors of Light feed their souls  His Goodness and Mercy. What goes in, comes out no matter the circumstances. Their tongue becomes used to sweet words. Those words create their reality.

The Stage Manager is in Charge.

Day begins, the curtains open, lights come up and the Stage manager is in charge. Angels deflect oncoming traffic, packages arrive, phone calls get through, answers arrive all with His Love received by our willingness to receive what He plans.

Pray and express Gratitude and Praise, then watch the Goodness flow.

Read scripture and find Inspiration (infilling of Spirit).

Meditate. Calm down and let His words find their place on your lips.

Warriors of Light know His wishes for us are better than what we rehearse in our minds.

He desires our reports of Joy and sets the stage. He loves happy endings and poetic justice. He does not settle all of his accounts in October the timing of life is His.