Listen to Include Others

Certain codes of behavior bring us certain results. Certain tones of voice arouse certain feelings in listeners. The use of “we” instead of “I “ includes others on your team.

Pray to include the right players on your team.

Read scripture and learn.

Meditate with deep breathing. Tune your spirit to The Spirit.

Warriors of Light use life as a “boot camp”. They practice the “ rules of engagement “ in their daily lives.

Be careful out there !

Simply Be Kind

Simply be kind. Repeat. Watch people be kind in return. Suddenly, your life is filled with kindnesses and kind people. Now it’s a habit, a life style a “modus operandi”.

“Easy to say. Hard to do. Practice, practice, practice.”

Pray often and it becomes easier. Surprise ! Answers do come.

Read scripture. It too becomes easier and the answers are already there.

Meditate. Be still. Discover that you knew the answer all along.

Warriors of Light simply follow the path. The path is worn by many souls ahead who walked before us, the same way.

Find Your Path and Follow It

Part of “growing up” is learning how to handle things . Part of spiritual growth is learning to trust that things will get handled. Our responsibility is to do our best and accept the outcome.” Easy to say, hard to do, practice, practice, practice.”

Pray for the right motives.

Read scripture. Fill the mind from good sources.

Meditate. Relax while breathing deeply and slowly. Let the mind clear.

Warriors of Light know the path was worn utilizing solid principles. They follow the path finding progress in their hearts.

Practice Giving It Your Best

Practice improves the moves ! Practice kindness and generosity. Watch the flow of your life fill with kindness and generosity.

Practice thoughtfulness and wisdom. See the flow and the direction.

You can’t lose by giving it your best.

Pray even without belief and wisdom will come.

Read scripture and let Him tell you personally. Give it a minute or two to sink in.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. If you fall asleep practice another day.

Warriors of Light know the benefits of soaking. It takes product application and a little time but the results are amazing.

Practice to Improve

Bacteria living between the  teeth and gums produce acid which degrades enamel. Regular flossing disrupts this. No care, no teeth.

The fingers must repeat the path on the keyboard to know their way.  No practice,  no great concerts.

Pray to seek excellence.

Read scripture to learn it’s value and devotionals to find implementation.

Meditate on the result. See it. Gain it ! Direct the heart !

Warriors of Light prepare for battle. Helping others with their skirmishes builds momentum for righteous victory.