His Light Illuminates the Silver Linings

Our gift is thought with Power and The Word to guide our words. Practice allows us to keep emotions out of the driver’s seat and Trust silences the committee in our heads. The way is clear, not easy but clear.

Pray and feel free to tell Him about your fears and leave them there. Go back anytime a new one crops up.

Read scripture and know there is nothing new under the sun.

Meditate and relax. Present difficulties are all means to new adventures in growth.

Warriors of Light are trained to Rejoice and use the sacrifice of Praise. This creates good thinking and is followed by good feelings. Even when the worst happens His Light illuminates the silver linings.

Gaining Understanding

Scientists continually gain understanding the power of gravity or it’s relationship to electricity. We understand it’s consequences when we drop the ball or when we fall. We can’t see it, yet it’s force is undisputed.

Pray for the understanding needed to improve your relationship with the strongest power.

Read scripture and learn the love of this power .

Meditate. Just closing your eyes slows your brain’s power from moving outward.

Warriors of Light allow The Greatest Power to access their territory. Their souls are warmed and glow. Positives are attracted.