Buildings Which are Beautiful and Last Through Time

Buildings which are beautiful and last through time started on a Firm Foundation, were thoughtfully Designed and served a long lasting Purpose.

Pray to establish a Firm Foundation wherever you are standing.

Read scripture to plan the next wing and flight.

Meditate, take a few moments off from planning and fears.

Warriors of Light know most minds are junkyards of beliefs taken from family and experience. They stay in His Light, choose the serviceable parts, unleash the burdensome old pieces by honestly sharing and march to His tune while building the rest.

Pray As if in Conversation with Your Oldest Friend

There is a plan and it includes you! The plan is for your good, your growth and your welfare. We are only as sick as our secrets, get those out and walk away from their burdens. Find the next part of the path easier, take His hand to find Joy.

Pray as if in conversation with your oldest friend.

Read scripture, knit it into your soul and watch steadfastness become a part of your life.

Meditate daily and touch Peace daily.

Warriors of Light must stay out of their own heads. Believing every thought will hide His truth. Keeping minds where the hands are touches the present where He lives.

Pray to Communicate

Plan on the unexpected and expect change. If there is nothing planned but time without interruptions the washing machine is sure to flood or the power will fail. Through all of this place focus on Him. Circumstances and relations will flow but His Love never wanes.

Pray to communicate with the Master of Peace and Life.

Read scripture to renew your mind and feed your Spirit.

Meditate on His Goodness through it all.

Warriors of Light know that all movement around us is to develop our Spirit and our relationship with Him. That priority properly placed allows all else to heal and grow as it should. Selah.

Pray to Float in the Wave of Blessings Offered

There is a design, a purpose and a plan. Part of the plan may hold current disbelief or unwillingness to take part. When finally reaching bottom we look up and He is waiting. Just a crack in the armor is all it takes for The Light to enter.

Pray to float in the wave of blessings offered.

Read scripture as Faith comes from hearing and renewal of the mind.

Meditate upon Goodness and watch it blossom.

Warriors of Light bear scars suffered in the darkness. These marks carry no weight or drag. Growing in the Light puts pains and scars to use as fertilizer. They are broken down and no longer recognizable. Visible is only the Joy of His Love and the open hand offered for others.

Keep Your Heart as That of a Child

Use your talents for the good. Draw, write, invest, pray, cook, fish, track game, sing or dance. Don’t think yourself too busy, unworthy or old just thank Him and keep moving. Be willing to share what you have learned, when asked by others.

Pray for all of your plans and be being willing to change them.

Read scripture, it helps everybody when we read.

Meditate on His good Word and good works in your life.

Warriors of Light know to keep their heart as that of a child. This angle of approach allows them the smiles and joys of a child as well.

There Is a Plan for Your Joy

There is a plan, place, family and design for your joy. The design does not include you clinging to one place, thing, habit, person or pet.

The design is to Trust Him and go with the flow of His Glory and purpose.

Pray for understanding and peace.

Read scripture to remind you of the truth you already know.

Meditate. Purposely relax. Just be and listen.

Warriors of Light employ Trust in their countenance, actions and reactions. Carefully choosing their family and friends, Warriors know it is better to be loved and bereaved than to never have loved at all.

Watch the Steps Turn into Dance

There is a plan for you and it is a good plan ! Just be willing to take the steps and watch the steps turn into dance.

Drop the rocks, ignore the old scars holding you down and dance. Opportunities await your move.

Pray as if sharing with an old friend.

Read scripture and learn how to let go.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly and let go.

Warriors of Light know the rewards of following the lead. Follow the Master through the rough waters, the deep and into the calm.

A Most Fabulous Journey

You are on a fabulous journey ! There is a plan for you and a purpose for you.  If you feel busy and a bit overwhelmed you are privileged. Our only enemies are fear, doubt and pride. They make such  a clamor in our heads ! They form committees and demand worry.

They can be silenced by Praise and gratitude. Peace can be availed with humility. Prayer works  !

Pray for understanding and acceptance of the privileges you are offered.

Read scripture. Yes, reading the instructions can seem demanding but the results are obvious.

Meditate. Slow down. Inhale deeply. Repeat .

Warriors of Light enjoy the journey. They laugh and love and take time to listen. Friends are the treasures and trust is the prize !