Just the Humility Required to Open the Pages

Willingness, positioning, practice and Trust allow the witness of miracles. These are the works that keep Faith alive. These are the elements of success and growth in any area.

Pray, aloud if necessary, it works.

Read scripture. Just the Humility required to open the pages avails much guidance sometimes without seeming so.

Meditate. Praying aloud or quietly reading are forms of meditation.

Warriors of Light encourage each other not to give up before the miracles are visible. The right actions produce right results. The perspective to see this may take food, rest or a hug.

Just A Few Words May Be The Ones You Needed to Hear

Praise and Thanksgiving have Power. To engage these tools when the enemies in our mind shout “no way !” is a sacrifice. The sacrifice of Praise greases tight spots and swings The Force to our side.

Pray in a continuous conversation with Him who sees, listens and cares.

Read scripture. Just a few words may be the ones you needed to hear.

Meditate to move strength  and perspective from your mind to your heart.

Warriors of Light wear the belt and carry the sword of Truth. Their shields of Faith quench those “fiery darts”  of doubt and fear. The twinkle in their eyes and the warmth of their smiles assure victory before the battles have begun. They invite others to make life an adventure of Trust.

The Right Angle of Approach

Pronouns are important, they reveal our perspective. Growing up we learned much about our own care. To grow Spiritually we trust Him with our care as we extend our love and concern to others. Selfishness and self-centeredness are the source of our problems and they are revealed by the use of “I”.

Pray for proper perspective in our  judgement, thinking, art work prayers and love.

Read scripture to find the center, the breadth, depth and right angle of approach.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. This will change perspective.

Warriors of Light row the life raft of Humility for their Spiritual training. “I’s” are sharp and may cause leaks. Warriors use “we’s“ for rowing, seating and dining. The broader base of the “W” offers stronger movement, more comfort and larger portions, including deserts!

Wall of Peace

Circumstances present themselves and we present our attitude or angle of approach. Governed by emotion it remains unruly, governed by principles it is stayed. Regardless, attitude controls most experiences. Choose the possibilities or the mess.

Pray to see from His perspective.

Read scripture and become familiar with old lessons, still True.

Meditate. People talk about this, few do it. Who are they ?

Warriors of Light are trained by allowing His sovereignty to reach their heart. Often reminded while counting to ten their moves become responses more often than reactions. This builds a wall of Peace.

Trusting God Results in Respect for All

“In God we Trust” adds respect for our currency and our laws. It allows us to move safely and freely through traffic and business.

“In God we Trust” adds respect for ourselves and others. As we allow Him sovereignty, we move safely and freely through interactions at work,  with friends, lovers and family.

Pray for perspective and Trust.

Read scripture and learn the benefits of His path.

Meditate. Relax in your rhythm of breathing.  See more clearly.

Warriors of Light know their positions, you can see it in their stance. Their placement and participation in each day adds a sparkle and a smile shared by others seeking the Light.

Gardens Must Be Weeded

Responsibility tempered with Humility is our Best Management style. Always on the move our system must be fed and protected from the winds. There is rest but no idle ground.

Pray to appreciate where we are.

Read scripture to find guideposts.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and slowly. Gain new perspective.

Warriors of Light understand that gardens must be weeded and lawns must be mowed. Our growth is marked by our smiles during ordinary chores.

When We Think No One is Watching

Peace of mind wins the day ! Everyone wants it. Many things and many people promise it. It is ours for free, simply by doing what we know to be right even if no one is watching.

Pray for the little things as well as the big things. Practice.

Read scripture. See ordinary people simply making themselves available.

Meditate. Just a few relaxing breaths can change the perspective.

Warriors of Light reflect the energy already available to us all.

Their stance merely magnifys the Light from their Commander.

Concern Ourselves with Kindness and Love

Do not believe everything you think ! Choose to be an optimist !

What others are thinking is none of our business.  Let our concern be kindness and love.

Pray for those who treat you unkindly to have favor.

Read scripture. Learn some lessons without the actual pain.

Meditate. Inhale deeply then exhale slowly. Perspective improves.

Warriors of Light learn to embrace change. They lose only when a shadow falls between them and The Commander.

Building Blocks of Joy

Acceptance is a building block to joy !

If thoughts are spent reviewing the “should” and the “oughts”, awareness of current benefits can be lost. This steals our joy !

Be of help to those before you and joy returns !

“Keep your mind where your hands are !”

The past is gone, the future is yet to arrive. The moment you are in is so full of opportunities, they call it the present !

Pray. Whether you believe or not, prayer works.

Read scripture. Learn more about the spiritual side of things.

Meditate. Be still long enough to see the world turn without your assistance. Now that’s perspective !

Warriors of Light know that if they give their time or their money, it is multiplied and returned. You can’t outgive Him !

A Life Filled with Kindness and Sharing

Can’t decide what to do or be ? Decide what you don’t want to be and start there !

Keep the right perspective and enjoy the adventure of your life !

Each moment offers opportunities for kindness and sharing. Engage, move forward, see a life filled with kindness and sharing !

Pray to stay centered. And again, pray, perhaps aloud.

Read scripture. Discover that you are not in this boat alone. Keep rowing.

Meditate. We are all too busy. Meditate and find yourself amidst all that busyness.

Warriors of Light know that the real armour is in their heart. Their direction is guided and purposeful. It only takes the change of one letter to turn busyness into business . March on !