Choosing Gratitude

Choosing gratitude as our response to adversity tilts the table in our favor. We struggle, recover, learn and grow. Add gratitude to blossom and win !

Pray and see that tough times bring an intimate dependency.

Read scripture to flavor your perception.

Meditate. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, repeat. Just try it.

Warriors of Light know that positioning wins the battle. Gratitude offers elevation.

From the high ground, the enemy can be cleared.

Human Nature Has Not Changed

What really happened ? Perception can be altered by emotions, hunger, old scars, etc.

Feeling injured or blue? Get over it quickly!

Don’t miss the joy and opportunities before you!

Pray for the humility to see how you are loved.

Read scripture. Find out human nature has not changed.

Warriors of Light know that circumstances and feelings change. The Commander never changes His open hand or His Love.