Let Him Fill Your Heart

Learning is continuous because we see and know only a slice of each moment. The spiritual realities of life are  everlasting, all the rest will pass.

There is a hungry hole inside the heart seeking His touch and unconditional Love. Accept Him into the heart and fill the hole. Walk in His Love, become whole then Holy.

Pray to find Peace of mind constantly available.

Read scripture to see the blueprints, design and instructions.

Meditate on the Goodness. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light know they are never alone. His Love is constant and His helpers are everywhere. His love offers strength and breaks bondages. Try it for free.

Peace of Mind With Nothing to Hide

Peace of mind is the most cherishable attribute one can possess ! It gives a good night’s sleep, a friendly smile, and a feeling of security. It offers the opportunity to face life on life’s terms not fearing the losses.

Peace of mind is the product of integrity !

Pray to make wise decisions.

Read scripture. Find out more of your options.

Warriors of Light keep their glow by staying out of the shadows.

“ If you must hide to do it , you probably don’t need to be doing it.”

Peace of Mind

Sometimes we forget or become confused but…there are rules. Instructions for decisions and behavior. The rules are not for restraint but for freedom and peace of mind. Self respect and honor will afford prosperity.

Pray for clarity if confused.

Read scripture. Often your answers will dance on the page.

Meditate. That means to stop the worry and realize your success.

Warriors of Light know the power of thoughts. Discipline troops ! Keep it positive and moving forward!