Sometimes We Need a Hug

Stop and enjoy ! Stop the belief that rushing will result in arrival at a better time. Do the next right thing and appreciate what and who you have become. Notice where you are and see His other children nearby. Some need a hug and others offer a smile.

Pray and speak to the One who placed the people and the opportunities in your path.

Read scripture. Notice the descriptions of and encouragement for the next right step.

Meditate. Relax and let Wisdom tailor your ambitions.

Warriors of Light know that it is Direction that matters. Willingness to ask, receive and follow His direction illustrates the Humility necessary for success.

Weaving a Pattern of Trust

Good judgement is given by Him and polished by experiences. All troubles spring from poor decisions. Honoring Our Father with our decisions on a repeated basis weaves a pattern of Trust into the fabric of our lives. It weaves a basket that opens and holds great opportunities.

Pray that He will show you the way.

Read scripture. Soak in it’s color and texture.

Meditate in the warmth of His blanket. Relax. One can’t fall from the middle of the basket.

Warriors of Light find a purpose for every day given.

They smile because Life plus Peace equals Joy. A smile or kind word may thwart disaster  or encourage brilliance.

Map and Owners Manual for Life

Opportunities abound if we but look around. We must learn to see, much as we learned to read, with introduction, interest and practice. If our goals are in our own spiritual development, which will enable good health and prosperity, we cannot lose.

Relationships will improve as we improve.

Pray to Our Father like He is listening with great interest.

Read scripture. It can be a prayer book, a text book, a map or an owners manual.

Warriors of Light know that by staying in the Light they can see more clearly. This aids their goal setting and decision making. Standing in the Light, they can watch their Father’s work and be found by future lovers.