When No One is Looking

The taste of Obedience is sweeter than dalliance.

Watching yourself behave properly when no one is looking offers a new self esteem caused by respect.

Pray for others and watch the boomerang effect.

Read scripture and stay in the know.

Meditate. Relax with your own breathing. No prescription required.

Warriors of Light are continually surprised at the fun involved in their march. Their perspective allows them to see the Light, dance in the Light, share the Light and laugh in the Light.

Deep Breaths and Prayers Bring New Light

Let the positives soak into your life ! Positives wait in every moment, every event,  even amongst the pain.

Victory lies not in blind obedience but in letting Him rule your heart.

Pray and let go.

Read scripture.  Substantiate your faith.

Meditate. Deep breaths or repeated lil prayers put a new Light on the situation.

Warriors of Light know that an odd noise or a stopped sled holds an opportunity to accept help and form new relationships.