Start by Looking in the Mirror

“If you are looking for someone to change your life, look in the mirror.”

Take action. Just start . After starting the rest is easier. Don’t give up. Perseverance is a gift that may belong to you.

There will always be a side of your mind with second guesses.

The noise doesn’t have to reach your heart.

Pray and talk to Him. Stay in touch. Cultivate the relationship.

Read scripture. Pleasure is not forbidden.

Meditate. Be still. Even a spoon must rest to soak.

Warriors of Light know that once on the march even a wrong turn can be directed and used for our good and His glory.

Responsibility is Found in the Mirror

It is not them ! They are not the problem ! Look in the mirror. See who is responsible.  Follow this with the knowledge that help is on the way if we but ask. But ask now !

Pray. Talk to Our Father.

Read scripture to learn poise and wisdom. Memorize pieces to build your own character.

Meditate. Stop.

Stop reacting. Choose.

Choose your response.

Warriors of Light smile. Service gives them joy. Integrity gives them stature.