Just the Humility Required to Open the Pages

Willingness, positioning, practice and Trust allow the witness of miracles. These are the works that keep Faith alive. These are the elements of success and growth in any area.

Pray, aloud if necessary, it works.

Read scripture. Just the Humility required to open the pages avails much guidance sometimes without seeming so.

Meditate. Praying aloud or quietly reading are forms of meditation.

Warriors of Light encourage each other not to give up before the miracles are visible. The right actions produce right results. The perspective to see this may take food, rest or a hug.

When He Sends Us a Message

Treasure your miracles and receive more ! If you see the clouds in a shape that moves you, be thankful, express it. If a tissue, dampened by your tears, falls to the floor and later looks like an angel dancing across the carpet, be thankful and appreciate His wink.

When a parking space is just perfectly timed, know He is holding your hand.

Pray to see His work in all of your life. Be humbled by His attention to detail.

Read scripture and learn to cherish it and the people who saved it for you to read.

Meditate by breathing in deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light breathe in Humility and out Gratitude as they march. These two Forces make them safe from defeat and charged for their purposes. These Forces make them the Armed Forces.

Open Doors to Find Opportunity

“Willingness to learn and a heart to serve will open the doors.”  Opportunities will avail themselves to you. People will avail themselves to you. A life filled with purpose, miracles and appreciation unfolds with unselfish motives.

Yours to enjoy !

Pray. Lead by example.

Read scripture. Keep your ideas in shape.

Meditate. Relax, breathe easy. You are not in charge anyway.

Warriors of Light feel the rhythm of the day. Their cadence, their dance inspires others to step in Faith

All Things Work Together

Difficulties become miracles when you apply prayer and action ! Do what you can and what you know is right. “All things work together for the benefit of those who love the Lord.”

Pray. Talk to Him like He is your Daddy and He is in the room. If you are upset, tell Him !

Read His Word and listen in your heart as well as your ears.

Meditate. Relax.

He has got this !

Warriors of Light remember to express gratitude ! They know how to ask for help. They Praise the results ! Praise and gratitude are powerful tools for the warriors mind.

Miracles and Gifts

Open up. Receive the miracles and the gifts in our lives.  Remember some of them look like hot water and the ability to rise from the chair. A smile from a stranger, a word or a tune that brings understanding. Just the view of sunlight peeking through the trees can give us the lift we needed.

Pray to stay open to our blessings.

Read scripture and find answers we don’t remember seeing in that verse .

Meditate. Learn to relax. “Be anxious for nothing but by means of prayer and supplication make thy requests known.”

Warriors of Light pray just like they are speaking to a friend. They are !