Don’t Let Your Mind Be An Enemy’s Workshop

Trust God and watch the pieces fall into place. Easy to say, hard to do, it becomes easier with practice. Start small, trusting for a parking place or to find the right thing at the store. Move up, trusting to say the right thing or to watch them depart with a smile. Continue and watch your life become a place where you can serve and love. Be amazed.

Pray, staying in a conversation with the Author of Truth.

Read scripture. Learn to use its power.

Meditite. Breathe easy.

Warriors of Light find freedom in their duties. They know that any good activity which keeps their thoughts away from themselves is a plus. The real enemy uses their mind as a workshop.

Just Look Up

Just look up ! Pull your mind away from the problem. Once up, let the weight of the situation down with a turn toward the better. Take each next step in the right direction. Even the smallest step will make a difference.

Pray for guidance.

Read scripture and learn how to see the Path.

Follow only one Navigator.

Meditate. Stop the movement and just breathe.

Warriors of Light know practicing Trust in the smallest things will build confidence. Spiritual muscles gain tone and definition with exercise.

Meditation is So Much More Productive Than It Seems

Choose joy ! It honors all !

Joy honors those in your presence and those in your past.  It honors your rearing, loving, heartbreak, teaching, your wins, losses and spiritual growth.

Joy welcomes opportunities and attracts company. If you share it, it grows !

Pray. This action of humility opens doors.

Read words of scripture it adds flavor to the food of your mind.

Meditate. It is so much more productive than it seems !

Warriors of Light help misadventures become fruitful. Their days are filled with treasures of smiles, hugs and relief. They choose joy !

You are exactly where you are supposed to be

“Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does ! “

“ Keep your mind where your hands are, in the present. “

“Beat yourself with a feather not a hammer. “

Relax, enjoy what is before you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Pray first thing. Start the day on the right foot.

Read scripture. Wisdom travels through the ages .

Meditate. Inhale deeply then exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light follow through with commitments in a prompt fashion. They follow protocol.

They do things His way.

Give up Past Assumptions to Turn on the Power

Willingness to break past old assumptions is more powerful than the flow of a pent up river through a dam turning a turbine for power production. Willingness can release the power of God into the hidden pockets of our mind and life.

Pray and turn on the power !

Read scripture and learn about the switches and directions of your life’s adventure.

Meditate and realize your potential, your path.

Warriors of Light are their own worst enemy. Their shout to find victory is “Lord, get me out of thy way that I may be in thy will !”

The Human Mind is A Marvelous Thing

The human mind is a marvelous thing, but it is human. It will send you into a room on a mission and leave the reason for the mission hanging back in the room where you started.

The mind varies it’s performance with practice, hunger, emotions, rest, music or age.

Appreciate the abilities you have ! Use them. Be of service and realize it’s a privilege.

Pray. Pray first thing and change your day.

Read scripture. Stay informed. Learn to take direction. Learn to follow directions.

Meditate. Realize the value of being still. The power gained by stopping  !

Warriors of Light are not perfect. They admit their limitations. They show strength by asking for help.