Welcome the Day with a Smile

Welcome the day with a smile, accepting what is given with Gratitude. Expectations colored with “should” and “could” are cloudy. Look up to add His Light and see.

Pray by conversing with your biggest fan and Most Influential Friend.

Read scripture to see the guidelines and boundaries.

Meditate and breathe deeply in His Mercy.

Warriors of Light know clear contracts afford clear relationships, clear expectations and clear terms of completion. Our Father offers us a contractual covenant offering Life and Peace.

The Battle has Already Been Won

True strength does not require display. True wisdom knows there is always more to learn. Find the answers by being quiet as all things will be revealed. Humility allows acceptance of His Grace and Mercy.

Pray because Our Father cares and listens.

Read scripture to see the program, find your lines and learn more about the love offered you by “ I am” The Author.

Meditate. Stop and listen.

Warriors of Light enjoy the dynamics of authority. Their orders are specific enough to keep their minds on the next step leaving the big plan to The Commander. Often they are reminded that the battle has already been won.

What Grows is What is Planted

Cotton is harvested where cotton is planted, corn where corn is planted. Both must compete with weeds having a history there or blowing in.

Pray and plant your time in His shadow, water it in with Joy.

Read scripture and plant Good news in your heart.

Meditate and fertilize your soul with cool Peace.

Warriors of Light plant kindness and mercy. Their swords of Truth cut through weeds and their shields of Faith resist thorns. They dwell in His house as kindness and mercy follow them home.

Tell Yourself the Truth

Just tell the truth. It is the easiest way. Don’t go out of your way to spread unkind or degrading information but tell the truth when asked.

Tell yourself the truth about how you are and what you are doing. We end up wearing most of our lies.

Pray for understanding and mercy.

Read scripture to understand the Source of mercy.

Warriors of Light end up with lengthy relationships. Their Light encourages the growth of Love. Truth allows a firm foundation and makes old memories enjoyable.

Who You Are

“Who you are is where you were when.” Children of different eras and geographies have different priorities imprinted by age five. It lasts.  It affords groupings of work ethic, religion, respect for authority, clothing and table manners. It is easiest to mingle with those we understand.

Pray for mercy and understanding.

Read scripture and use devotionals to educate the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy the spin going past you through the day. Retreat to this spot whenever stressed.

Warriors of Light know that their accomplishments and wealth do not aptly describe them. It is their soul that defines their position. All are of great value.

Mercy for Us, Justice for Them

“Mercy for us but justice for them ?”

No ! ” Forgive us as we forgive those that trespass against us ”

Oops, finding a firm resentment there ?

Resolve to pray for that individual each morning and watch them change !

Pray first. Then, start your day.

Read scripture. As you go through life, you will be tested.

Meditate. Sit still and breathe deeply more than once.

Warriors of Light move with deliberation and caution. After securing the area, they feel the music and dance with joy !

Choosing the Path of Foregiveness

None of us behave properly in every moment. Mercy and forgiveness are great blessings. When we forgive, we forsake deciding the punishment.

Pray to forgive others as you wish to be forgiven. Don’t forget to forgive yourself.

Read scripture. Sink its message into your soul. Let its direction set the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Meditate. Don’t believe everything you think. Hush your mind long enough to listen.

Warriors of Light improve with training. Continued training results in continued performance.