Find Best Results When You Have no Time

Exercise changes the chemistry of the blood, meditation changes the chemistry of the brain, humility changes the chemistry of the heart offering us the opportunity to be healthy, serene and forgiving.

Pray for proper perspective.

Read scripture and knit His Word in your day.

Meditate and find best results when you have no time.

Warriors of Light start their day with a search for Him. His Mercy is everlasting.  He knows every whisker on your face and every step you are about to take. Turning to Him first will gain His Light illuminating situations and allowing better decisions.

Meditation Clears the Mind

Problems come from a lack of understanding. Most problems result from not understanding who we are in relation to Him. This erupts in self centeredness and fear. When we think others have taken advantage of us we give them undeserved power.

Pray. Words and thoughts have power and these are sent directly to Management.

Read scripture. This removes the mind from self and that is always an improvement.

Meditate. This clears the mind and allows more direct contact with the True rhythms.

Warriors of Light know they are the manifestation and He is the Cause. Knowing this allows them to relax, assist, think correctly and shine.

Just the Humility Required to Open the Pages

Willingness, positioning, practice and Trust allow the witness of miracles. These are the works that keep Faith alive. These are the elements of success and growth in any area.

Pray, aloud if necessary, it works.

Read scripture. Just the Humility required to open the pages avails much guidance sometimes without seeming so.

Meditate. Praying aloud or quietly reading are forms of meditation.

Warriors of Light encourage each other not to give up before the miracles are visible. The right actions produce right results. The perspective to see this may take food, rest or a hug.

Prayer Makes it Possible

When it looks most impossible, surrender, pray, and watch it all fall into place.

Pray first thing.

Read upon awakening. Let scripture and devotionals set the rhythm of your day.

Meditate and relax. Enjoy the opportunity to be you.

Warriors of Light sometimes wonder who they are but they know who they are not.

Carrying Old Baggage

We create our own problems. Unwilling to accept the solution we attach blame. Unwilling to admit their presence they get stuffed into our baggage.

No shackles hold us to our habits, scars and issues.

Pray to see that the way out is in front of you.

Read scripture and devotionals. Find the roadmap to freedom, purpose and peace.

Meditate. Just be still for a minute. Listen to Him. Peace is at hand.

Warriors of Light let the weapons of Praise and Thanksgiving fill their hearts and their hands. They  let go of everything else. They get busy helping others.

Serenity is a Place of Mind

We are taught to behave, to work, to study, and to find the right mate. It is concluded with the promise of happiness. Is this the happiness of a kitten curled up by her mother or the happiness of the winner of a race ?

Pray to keep your mind in the moment or…risk missing the joy !

Read scripture and devotionals. Gain “appreciation of” or “inspiration to”.

Meditate on your present good fortune.

Warriors of Light learn to “wish not for happiness, so ethereal, but for serenity because it can be sustained.” Defined it is calm or peace, composure in the middle of life, the storm or the victory.

Right Thinking

Our equality, our liberty, our health and peace lie in right thinking.

Repeated right actions based on good principles create right thinking. We are not built to function alone. We need help from above and companionship below. We need practice in right behavior and right thinking. Even trust takes practice. Start with the little things.

Pray and know He will guide and answer.

Read scripture and devotionals to feed your spirit.

Meditate. Seriously consider how blessed we are.

Warriors of Light know the real costs of our houses and yards and cars. Warriors stand at the ready even when you don’t see them.