Wall of Peace

Circumstances present themselves and we present our attitude or angle of approach. Governed by emotion it remains unruly, governed by principles it is stayed. Regardless, attitude controls most experiences. Choose the possibilities or the mess.

Pray to see from His perspective.

Read scripture and become familiar with old lessons, still True.

Meditate. People talk about this, few do it. Who are they ?

Warriors of Light are trained by allowing His sovereignty to reach their heart. Often reminded while counting to ten their moves become responses more often than reactions. This builds a wall of Peace.

Place Your Next Step in the Right Direction.

The solution is the same for all. Look up and place your next step in the right direction. Speak kindly to others. As soon as you increase the volume, your audience is lost. Repeat. We learn through repetition.

Pray often and watch your successes increase.

Read scripture. It is where the story starts and ends.

Meditate daily. Visit the moment.

Warriors of Light create and depend on good habits. This keeps them in good stead. Peace is found inside pockets of time not requiring new decisions.

Mainstays Need to be Chosen Carefully

Originating from the name of a stay supporting the largest mast on a tall ship, a mainstay is a person or a thing that acts as a chief support. Choose your mainstays carefully in your spiritual life, your diet and your friendships.

Pray, not as an afterthought but as a foundation of your day.

Read scripture. Even non-believers benefit from profound truths.

Meditate. Stop moving. Breathe deeply. Silence the committee in your mind.

Warriors of Light suffer the same struggles, but with the knowledge that they are safe no matter the outcome. So safe that they may lend a hand.