Instructions for Maintenance and Care

Comfort seems to start with heat and air in the home provided by units installed with instructions for maintenance and care.

Pray in conversation with the designer for insight on satisfying results.

Read scripture containing reports on all aspects of personal equipment.

Meditate to lubricate, inflate or release the system’s  pressures.

Warriors of Light know space must be filled with Love and purpose for Comfort. Keeping the ducts clean allows His strength to shine and reassure.

Making Chores a Joy is Our Option

Everything requires maintenance or storage, as moth and dust do corrupt, but making chores a joy is our option. Spiritually it is the same. Feed the Spirit with prayer, Praise and Gratitude and your hope and strength will be renewed.

Pray to offer Thanks and concerns to the best Father anyone ever had.

Read scripture that the real nature of things might be revealed to you.

Meditate, breathing deeply to relax while trusting Him to be in charge.

Warriors of Light do not stay sweet smelling on yesterday’s shower. They approach everyday turning to Him first even before arising. This lowers the percentage of poor decisions for their day.

Appreciate and Care for What We Have

Maintenance is essential to order. This applies to everything from dusting a room, weeding a garden, prayer or meditation.

Performing these necessary chores leads to good thinking and good feelings.

Pray to appreciate and care for what we have.

Read scripture for tips on honing our life care.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Exhale slowly. Feel the Peace.

Warriors of Light sing while doing their chores. They enjoy the privilege of having life and love to maintain