Unexpected Events Lead to New Paths, New Habits

When the loss is great our mind fumbles with the unexpected events and decisions.  Our mind tumbles with the change in pattern, increase in chores, the formation of new paths and habits. Our Father is our “very present help in times of trouble.”

Stay aware of His workings.

Pray like He is your partner. He is.

Read scripture to find the next chapter.

Warriors of Light know that grief is like using sandpaper. We start with the coarse grain. Not long afterward we switch to the fine grain. The result is smooth and allows us to see the deeper beauty of the wood.

Love and Loss and What’s Inside

Why does it hurt to lose them, when we know they have arrived where they belong ? The pain is real. It comes in waves, then abates and comes again.

Loving others allows us to see the love inside ourselves more clearly. It does not leave with them. Embrace the character that has been built. Feel its presence.

Pray to offer loved ones directions not instructions.

Read scripture and devotionals. Not everything is about us.

Meditate. Stop and appreciate the members of your team.

Warriors of Light see suffering as a vehicle of release. They help others change oil and keep the vehicle fueled with faith.