Pray as if Sharing Tales with Your Best Friend

Educate the heart and the brain will follow. Feed upon  good and beauty,  watch people remark on the quality of your complexion. Give problems to the Master and get busy helping others. Take pleasure in your work, it is what you do.

Pray as if sharing tales with your best friend.

Read scripture as if it is a letter from an old friend.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and let the dust settle.

Warriors of Light know that time  seems to change speeds. Warriors take their eyes off the clock and look up with Trust. Actions motivated properly will arrive guided by unseen forces placed in front of unexpected opportunities. Even the weather, monies and the US Mail are subject to His Force.

A Minute to One is An Hour to Another

If we drop an anvil on our brother’s toe we must make amends without arguing the weight of the anvil. What seems like a minute to one is an hour to another. Our mindset may have stolen our heart from them long before we left. Our mindset is the solution, to look up in trust. There is no condemnation in trust, there is forgiveness.

Pray for understanding of who you are and who you may become.

Read scripture to keep your growth between the lines.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax on the ride.

Warriors of Light know that as long as they are moving forward in the Light and toward the Light they are in the best place no matter from how far away they started.