Watch the Pieces Fall Into Place

Faced with impossibility ? Take a break. Look up. Gain strength and be renewed perhaps by a smile, prayer or a bit of rest. Look at things again from a known point.  You are sustained by an unseen hand. You have been through this before and watched the pieces fall into place, often once  you moved out of the way.

Pray. The keys are not in your hands.

Read scripture and renew your mind.

Meditate on the Goodness  and the Strength of your Foundation.

Warriors of Light arise with Hope. Hope held with Trust makes a powerful,  enduring and bright mark on the unknown path. It lights the way and makes visible trail through the trial, all for you.

The Day to Embrace, the Present to Experience

Watch out ! We carry not only our characteristic response to present happenings but also the burdens of our past.

Stop ! Look more closely !

There are no shackles affixing those burdens to us or our day !

Look up and let the poor way you were treated in the past fall away from who you are today !

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture. It was written to keep us from going through hell.

Meditate. Breathing deeply will let you rise.

Warriors of Light have battle scars too ! They have no time to measure their shape, depth, or cause. They have the day to embrace, the Present to experience, the people to care for and Love.

A Prize for Everyone

“And wait, there is more !”

Available now to all who ask is real security ! Just call up now and ask Him !

He is waiting. Waiting for us to turn His way so that He can pour out His blessings.

Pray. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. It has something for everyone. A prize for all ages.

Meditate. Slow down, breathe deeply, repeat.

Warriors of Light practice reaching up for help and looking up for directions. They go straight to Management.

Straight to The Source.

The is no more secure position than the one of trust.