In the Theater of Life, Cast Members have Different Entrance Times.

Life happens with us on center stage. Each of our roles as father, brother, worker becomes an ego state by which we measure performance or perhaps the load we feel we must carry. There are no shackles binding these loads, we tote voluntarily. Carried alone without His hand, success brings pride and failure brings despair.

Pray, this keeps you in His loop and your loads on His shoulders. If you forget your lines He will give you your cue or a clue.

Read scripture, it says the unthinkable, holds the truth and offers the Humility to perform safely.

Meditate. Relax and visualize. Use your subconscious for your benefit.

Warriors of Light know In the theater of Life, cast members have different entrance times. When their scenes are over they do not depart, they hang in the wings watching their loved ones perform.