Keep Joy by Sharing It

Opportunity is at your fingertips. It is here in the present. Don’t neglect what is before you while chasing the “pie in the sky” with your mind.

You have been entrusted with the people who love you and the present moment. You will  be remembered not for how much money you made or saved. You will be remembered for the example you set and how you made others feel important .

Pray. It will lower your stress and remind you Who is in charge.

Read scripture. It takes your mind off problems. It offers solutions.

Meditate. Tilt your eyes up but close them. This lowers your brain wave frequency.

Inhale deeply. Repeat.

Warriors of Light find victory by allowing the Commander His sovereignty. They surrender to win. They keep joy by sharing it.

Spiritual conundrums.

You gotta love em !

Puppies and Kittens

Don’t miss the moment ! It belongs to you and it needs your attention to fully exist and to be remembered. Stay out of the past in your thinking. Taste the moment in front of you. If we look too far ahead we can’t see the puppies at our feet.

Pray. Share a moment with the Almighty by caring for the least.

Read scripture. Learn more about building a great life.

Meditate. Be still and know.

Warriors of Light allow Light to fill their thoughts, their minds, their moments. It shows by the twinkle in their eyes.