Light That Needs No Shade

Don’t let anything come between you and the Light. Don’t fool yourself that it is just a game or a brain exercise when you find yourself unwilling to put it down. Sometimes we move toward the Light, talk about the Light, encourage others toward the Light while carrying an umbrella for shade.

Pray often, He is always listening.

Read scripture. Let the old become new in your heart.

Meditate by breathing deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light march with a style that reflects The Commander’s Light. Their training allows them to admit their faults and clear the air. They learn to replace their shade sources with spiritual weapons

Reaching Up Upon Waking

Reaching Up upon awakening will  set your perspective in the right direction. Repeated it will be like a small hammering which will change your core. Over time it will enlarge your soul to receive more Light.

Pray and watch the Light fill your life.

Read scripture and enLighten your mind.

Meditate and Lighten your mood.

Warriors of Light reach up and out welcoming others to dance in the Circle of Light.

Walk Away from Old Wounds

Take His hand and walk away from the old wounds. Drop the planning for defense or revenge and just breathe.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.” This is a game changer and the deal we cannot refuse.

Pray. Let Him show us how to forgive.

Read scripture. See yourself in the pages.

Meditate. Rest and breathe. He is in charge.

Warriors of Light welcome Light.

They carry Light and darkness dissipates. Others follow the Light. It is a blessing to share.

It is Easier to See and Understand in the Light

Start now ! Set things straight !  Nothing matters but truth and love.  Deception hurts the deceiver more than the deceived.

He awaits and rejoices with your turn. In the Light, it is easier to see, understand,  love and remember.

Pray.  Prayer works.

Read scripture and gain direction.

Meditate peacefully. Share His breath.

Warriors of Light know all things will be revealed. They hide only under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty.