Maintain Peace of Mind

Others thoughts do not belong to us, holding on to Truth through the noise of the world and the committees in our head is task enough. Our Father makes us all a part of One with accountability to Him.

Pray to enjoy Life and Peace by making sane decisions and helping others.

Read scripture to gain understanding of the whole.

Meditate and embrace understanding of the whole.

Warriors of Light know that marching alone is dangerous. They stay in touch with comrades and listen to Command to achieve to performance and maintain Peace of mind.

Another Kind of Power

Power is displayed by the wake of a Fountain boat, thrilling ride of a Triumph T120, or lift of Boeing jet but they all require fuel. Moving the weather, wind, oceans or a man’s heart requires another kind of Power.

Pray because it fuels your day.

Read scripture and realize the power of The Word.

Meditate and recharge your engines.

Warriors of Light dance in a reality of Acceptance. Able to face life on life’s terms because they know all their needs will be fulfilled and all things work to the good of those who love the Great Designer

Appreciate Each Moment as a Gift

Nothing stays the same so enjoy the changes. If put to the task do your best without expecting a pat on the back. He knows what you have done and nothing is forgotten.

Pray to appreciate each moment as a gift called the Present.

Read scripture to be encouraged for the future.

Meditate, breathe deeply and relax. Worry not about the past.

Warriors of Light enjoy the seasons of the year, of relationships and of life. They value the changes and the growth while being tolerant of the wear and tear. They know He can restore and renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings of eagles.

Life’s Lessons are Individually Designed for Growth

Life’s lessons are individually designed for growth. We are not in a play-box but a school for the Heart.  Feeling so unique and different, we are sure that no one would truly understand, then we hear our story from another and we know we are healing.

Pray because it is in this conversation that we find clarity.

Read scripture to find the meaning of your adventures and guidelines for progress and safety.

Meditate especially when you think you don’t need it or have time.

Warriors of Light know the whole show of life is designed to inspire looking for The Source. Simply seeking Him allows everything else to fall into place. Look for Him first upon awakening and each day will end with an increase of health, wealth, Life and Peace.

Write Your Concerns on a Bit of Paper and Put Them in a Bag

Worried ? Most worries never come to pass. Instead of worrying write your concerns on a bit of paper and put them in a lil bag or box. Allow Him to handle anything placed in the bag. At the end of each month open the bag and read old worries. Surprise ! Most worries never come to pass.

Pray instead of worrying. Then consider it handled.

Read scripture and claim words of Life and Peace as belonging to you.

Meditate and relax in the blessings already in your midst.

Warriors of Light know their only Power lies in the present. Their energy is best used in the same time and space as their breath. After completing one’s chores, Humility and reliance on Him are the best solutions.

In the Theater of Life, Cast Members have Different Entrance Times.

Life happens with us on center stage. Each of our roles as father, brother, worker becomes an ego state by which we measure performance or perhaps the load we feel we must carry. There are no shackles binding these loads, we tote voluntarily. Carried alone without His hand, success brings pride and failure brings despair.

Pray, this keeps you in His loop and your loads on His shoulders. If you forget your lines He will give you your cue or a clue.

Read scripture, it says the unthinkable, holds the truth and offers the Humility to perform safely.

Meditate. Relax and visualize. Use your subconscious for your benefit.

Warriors of Light know In the theater of Life, cast members have different entrance times. When their scenes are over they do not depart, they hang in the wings watching their loved ones perform.

Stay Focused on His Directional Beam

Life, our treasure chest, is opened with the key of Humility. Seen most clearly through lenses of Gratitude it unfolds with our Praise and Prayers. Drop the mask of dismay and confusion, be brave, embrace destiny  designed for you.

Pray and stay focused, on His directional beam.

Read scripture some of the adventures in it are yours.

Meditate. Relax through deep breathing. Feel His support.

Warriors of Light stay reminded of the Joy available simply by dancing with The Tune.  They see the next treasure in the faces around them. A smile, a word, a touch, a need met, an open hand. All are free yet priceless.

Every Day is a Visit, a Travel to New Destinations

Everyday is a visit, a travel to new destinations and realizations taken with your new lover. He is new every morning and He is everlasting. He loves you with your morning voice and without make up. He loves you when you are outside smoking. He loves you when you lie about where you have been or how much it cost.

Pray and keep the conversation going. Turns out, it is the main gig.

Read scripture like a love note written to you, for your secret advantage.

Meditate and relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that every moment His arms are there supporting their footing and caressing their smile. They know that His Love offers Life and Peace. Turning towards His Light washes their soiled desire buttons and rebuilds their decision makers with a Heavenly edge.

Decisions Weave Patterns of Thought


Decisions weave patterns of thought into life. He provides the loom, thread quality is selected individually and stitches depend on willingness and ambition. Integrity and Trust keep things tight and even. Self gratifying desire allows pesky moth holes.

Pray more often. See your fabric quality improve.

Read scripture and knit the Word into your heart.

Meditate and relax in the satiny texture of your mind with the committee’s volume turned off.

Warriors of Light know lint quality and fiber strength. The prudent ones learn from their own experience, the wise simply Trusted  the Commander.

Life is a Personal Opportunity to Gain Perspective

His Love always offers the best Light for each picture. Life is a personal opportunity to gain perspective. Shaded tendencies can become principled movements.

Pray for guidance and good composition. Pray for others.

Read scripture to see more color at proper angles.

Meditate and soak in the developing fluid of relaxation.

Warriors of Light know that a snapshot doesn’t tell the whole story. Selfies are usually staged. Warriors learn to march in the Light. They carry Light with them to enhance vision for others. Their work is an inside job.