Write Your Prayer on a Piece of Paper and Keep It in a Special Place

Goal setting favors accomplishment, writing goals doubles down on the power of thoughts and spoken words. Writing prayers on paper and tucking them in a special place is so powerful that a monthly visit to the prayer pouch will show how very many were answered and even forgotten. This is a physical way to give it to Him to handle.

Pray often. He values and saves our prayers. They flavor His day like a flavored incense.

Read scripture. It will grease your move through tight difficulties.

Meditate and relax knowing He has your six.

Warriors of Light inhale His good tidings and it makes them Glow. They share the secrets to Life and Peace by example. When asked they will speak freely of the Loving Power they have found that sets them free !

Let Go and Let God

Do not take tomorrow’s troubles into today. The plan for you includes enough nourishment and strength for one day at a time. Sometimes we try to shoulder responsibilities that are not our own.

“Let go and let God. ”

Pray for guidance in your in your day. Pray as one of your responsibilities.

Read scripture old and new.

While you are reading God can reach your heart with his messages.

Meditate. Remember who you are. Continue to blossom.

Warriors of Light know how to move with the ebb and flow. They keep extra troops in reserve.