Anyone Can Play a Winning Hand

Cards are dealt, anyone can play a winning hand, the best players know how to play a poor hand well.

Attitude of Gratitude is always the best angle of approach.

Pray to handle rough situations graciously.

Read scripture to soothe the ruffled feathers.

Meditate and relax, all the lessons are beneficial.

Warriors of Light promptly admit when they are wrong, make amends and march forward. Forgiving themselves may seem challenging but if He forgives who are we to differ.

Taking Hands Off the Wheel

He designed it just so. All the lessons are for our betterment and trusting Him allows us the vision to see this Truth. His plans may seem challenging or unfair until we employ the scope of Gratitude to magnify His Goodness.

Pray and make the sacrifice of Praise with Thanksgiving. Watch impatience and frustration disappear.

Read scripture, it contains answers and Directions.

Meditate with deep breathing and Joy. Taking hands off the wheel gains the best steerage.

Warriors of Light know to step out of His Way that they might be in His Will. We create all our own problems through self  centered fear and surrender gives us a winning hand.

Life’s Lessons are Individually Designed for Growth

Life’s lessons are individually designed for growth. We are not in a play-box but a school for the Heart.  Feeling so unique and different, we are sure that no one would truly understand, then we hear our story from another and we know we are healing.

Pray because it is in this conversation that we find clarity.

Read scripture to find the meaning of your adventures and guidelines for progress and safety.

Meditate especially when you think you don’t need it or have time.

Warriors of Light know the whole show of life is designed to inspire looking for The Source. Simply seeking Him allows everything else to fall into place. Look for Him first upon awakening and each day will end with an increase of health, wealth, Life and Peace.

Be Kind and Expect the Best

Look up when you first arise. Stay positive, be kind and expect the best. Keep your eyes open and let the people you love know that you love them. The people at work will never remember you were there early but your mate will always remember you reached for them first.

Pray to understand.

Read scripture and trust Him above all others.

Meditate. Inhale the beauty and lessons of life.

Warriors of Light listen for the changes in cadence. They give each mission their best. Breaking camp has its own sweet rhythm.

Pray to Anchor Your Perspective and Goals

Spiritual growth precipitates love, health and a new vision of wealth. There are no plateaus. If not growing, we are sliding backwards.  What will we lose first as we slide ?

Pray to anchor your perspective and your goals.

Read scripture. Learn more about Management and management.

Meditate regularly and anytime for proper alignment.

Warriors of Light are always in training. They suffer no injustice or tragedy only lessons for gain.

Pray and Enjoy a Better View

Everything in our life has purpose. Every trial and taxing person holds a lesson and a treasure. Learn to enjoy !

Take those moments of angst and trade them for optimism. They never served you anyway.

Pray. Pray in the beginning and get a better view.

Read scripture. The secrets it holds are endless.

Meditate. Just take a minute. It works.

Warriors of Light will pray about anything with anyone. They do not discriminate. And you can join them.

Great Peace Belongs to You

Great peace belongs to you !

Don’t let fear and doubt take the joy out of your journey. Don’t let resentments mark your memories.  See the adventures offered you today !

With your choice of the right attitude or “angle of approach ” you will see that even your disappointments hold treasures.

Enjoy this great life with humility, Praise and Thanksgiving !

Pray and express yourself freely.

Read scripture and learn that the lessons of life can be digested more easily under His shadow.

Meditate. All the battles are in our minds. Give your mind rest with still and deep breathing .

Warriors of Light rejoice frequently with the knowledge that this action produces powerful thoughts ! Right thinking wins the day !

Controlling the Tongue

Words have power. They can hurt and heal. They direct the traffic of our minds.  If another is upset and saying so, be quiet. No matter your choice of words if you speak, argument will follow.

“You have what you say you will have.”

Use your words with care. You will find that controlling the tongue will keep you out of trouble and provide opportunities.

Pray and expect results from your words.

Read scripture and devotionals and feast on words.

Meditate and think with words. Breathe deeply and enjoy the silence.

Warriors of Light use words to don their shields of Faith.

To gird their loins with Truth and move confidently through the noise and the haste.

The Way Out is Up

The winds and our own wiles may blow us north or south. We may go with love or logic or lust. Without purpose we are drawn east or west. We may go far or just a bit from the proper path. Which ever way we err or how deep we are in, the way out is still up.  Up is reachable from any direction at any time. If sinking, we but let go of our burdens and up we will float.

Pray and breathe in the taste of home.

Read scripture and devotionals. Find the truth for which we hunger.

Meditate. Realize the perspective is better from an elevated position.

Warriors of Light are stationed on the move. Their steps and their missteps offer lessons.

“The prudent man learns from his experience. The wise man learns from the experience of others.”