A Teachable Spirit

A teachable spirit is a gift ! It is receptive to being taught. There is so much to learn !

Learn to focus on the good, receive the good and share what is good.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture and learn that wisdom doesn’t change over time.

Meditate. Just stop all the doing and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light temper their impressionable side. They are not easily swayed. They are teachable and are always learning new and more amazing maneuvers to help others.

Read the Signs for Direction and Clarity

Read the signs. Make your decisions wisely. Whether you are traveling to an unfamiliar place or starting a new relationship, read the signs.

Pray for direction and clarity.

Read scripture and let your mind rest. Your purpose will be defined.

Meditate. Use beads or breathing. Participate in the rhythm of your breath.

Warriors of Light are always learning. A teachable spirit allows training for the Commander’s missions. Learning is an honor.

Truth – See it, Share it

Learning is but realizing the truth. Seeing the truth, using the truth and sharing the truth are our obligations. Continue to remind ourselves of our portion.

Pray to remember the difference between right and wrong.

Read scripture and devotionals.

Meditate on the wealth of our time. Meditate on our Source.

Warriors of Light are busy with service and joy.

There are no “but’s” in describing their opportunities.