Stay in the Light

Stay in the Light and refuse clouds of fear presence in your day. Recognize depression as fear without enthusiasm and anger as fear with oomph !

Take back your soul from these thieves that lurk in the shadows of self centeredness. Use Trust in His Love as a wrap of protection, a blanket of comfort.

Pray because it stirs a wind of goodness in your space.

Read scripture to stay in His Light and use His Word as a Lamp unto your feet.

Meditate for a few while purposely inhaling the scents of His Mercy and Grace.

Warriors of Light know their Commander lives in the present moment, not the past or the future. They need not hunt for Him but only look up with an eyelash of willingness and a heart for surrender. The blessings that were held back by their pride will then pour out upon them.

Move Forward, Do the Next Right Thing

The dice have been rolled, the number is high, it is time to move.

Trust Him, move forward, do the next right thing. Even if the next right thing is as simple as putting your pants on, move forward. Keep it simple and take but the next step in the right direction. Determining the outcome is within His sovereignty, acceptance after best efforts is ours.

Pray for inspiration and clarity.

Read scripture and see the Light.

Meditate and let the Light into your soul.

Warriors of Light know the dice will roll again. Circumstances will change, without open hearts we may lose our way, but He is always there as the Lamp unto our feet.