Smile and the World Smiles with You!

No matter where you are or what the difficulty, the answer is always the same, just look up ! Love is waiting to enfold you hindered only by expectations of what that should feel like.

Start change with but one small step of kindness and begin swimming in a river of kind people.

Pray because you are speaking to the One in charge. Prayer is like aspirin, it works whether you believe or not.

Read scripture and find out that the old ones knew all the intricacies of our personal issues.

Meditate by breathing deeply. Look inside and See the answers.

Warriors of Light know that time is no hindrance to His purposes or our prayers. Our lives are made not by what happens but by our responses. Smile and the world smiles with you !

What Grows is What is Planted

Cotton is harvested where cotton is planted, corn where corn is planted. Both must compete with weeds having a history there or blowing in.

Pray and plant your time in His shadow, water it in with Joy.

Read scripture and plant Good news in your heart.

Meditate and fertilize your soul with cool Peace.

Warriors of Light plant kindness and mercy. Their swords of Truth cut through weeds and their shields of Faith resist thorns. They dwell in His house as kindness and mercy follow them home.

Offer Kindness and Honesty and Gain Trust

The offer is Life with interest and dividends! Take it and choose love and generosity. See the return on your investment grow. Take the high road as you move through circumstances. Fall in love with The One who loves you the most. Offer kindness with honesty and gain Trusts.

Pray to let your thinking be guided by Him.

Read scripture for reassurance and direction. Truth will stand through wear and time.

Meditate as a regular practice.

It pays off.

Warriors of Light enjoy Life ! Their main asset is time and they spend wisely. Acknowledging Him as the Great Provider leaves them without any real costs of living.

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Be willing to play your part. Be the hero of your own life.

Employ kindness and gratitude in every scene. Surprise the family by not choosing anger as a response. Speak softly to all. Watch their amazement. Close each act with forgiveness and hear the applause in heaven.

Pray to Trust Him for each step.

Read scripture. Make some of it your own.

Meditate. Nobody has the time but if you take it He will magnify the rest .

Warriors of Light choose their lines carefully. They use silence when unsure. They look up when they miss a cue careful not to use words as darts.

Available to Those With an Open Heart

Love, kindness and Goodness are always available to those with an open heart. Start with a smile, remember a name, ask about the day or the child. Now you belong and they look forward to your next visit.

Pray that your march through Life brings joy to others.

Read scripture and find the path.

Meditate. Breathe in the safety of your position.

Warriors of Light see the Joy amongst the tribulations. They share.

Choose to Refresh Yourself

Choose to refresh yourself with thoughts of beauty, kindness and love. No matter who threatens your peace or by what authority they deliver their message, respond with kindness and love.

Pray. It is your option to commune with the Force of Love.

Read scripture. Find comfort.

Meditate. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, repeat.

Warriors of Light choose to think wisely. They put joy into their lives by sharing. They use their thoughts as creative instruments, much like their Father.

Be Kind and Expect the Best

Look up when you first arise. Stay positive, be kind and expect the best. Keep your eyes open and let the people you love know that you love them. The people at work will never remember you were there early but your mate will always remember you reached for them first.

Pray to understand.

Read scripture and trust Him above all others.

Meditate. Inhale the beauty and lessons of life.

Warriors of Light listen for the changes in cadence. They give each mission their best. Breaking camp has its own sweet rhythm.

Concern Ourselves with Kindness and Love

Do not believe everything you think ! Choose to be an optimist !

What others are thinking is none of our business.  Let our concern be kindness and love.

Pray for those who treat you unkindly to have favor.

Read scripture. Learn some lessons without the actual pain.

Meditate. Inhale deeply then exhale slowly. Perspective improves.

Warriors of Light learn to embrace change. They lose only when a shadow falls between them and The Commander.

Simply Be Kind

Simply be kind. Repeat. Watch people be kind in return. Suddenly, your life is filled with kindnesses and kind people. Now it’s a habit, a life style a “modus operandi”.

“Easy to say. Hard to do. Practice, practice, practice.”

Pray often and it becomes easier. Surprise ! Answers do come.

Read scripture. It too becomes easier and the answers are already there.

Meditate. Be still. Discover that you knew the answer all along.

Warriors of Light simply follow the path. The path is worn by many souls ahead who walked before us, the same way.

The Joy of Working With Others

Don’t miss the joy of working with others !  A synergy often occurs with two or more working together. Accomplishment in tandem equals more than either could do in twice the time.

A joy comes from trusting another’s next move. This joy of trust allows sharing of life, travel and adventure.  This joy, this trust, is the result of kindness and patience over time.

Pray often. Keep in touch with Management not just in the complaint department !

Read scripture. It has been revered over the ages for a reason.

Meditate. Listen to your own breathing. Discover your own makeup !

Warriors of Light march together with awe inspiring cadence. This is practiced.  Many falls and bruises allowed them to hit bottom. Today we see only their speed, effectiveness and caring hearts