On Tap is Whatever is Thought

On tap is whatever is thought, available in any flavor desired. Tip the lever of the mind filling the glass with health, joy, and contentment. Know that the keg is full with more in the cooler. Offer your joy to those who think that only the dregs are available. Illuminate the way to Our Father’s wine cellar of opportunity, illustrate the Kingdom at Hand.

Pray, cool the glass and be ready to receive.

Read scripture to filter the brew and cleanse the palate.

Meditate by breathing deeply relax and taste the Present.

Warriors of Light know the mind is the battleground and fiery darts can strike deep. Warriors train their thinking to reflect His Love. This mirrors the Light and quenches fiery darts. The store of blessings becomes unfettered and flows into their lives and those around them. Good thinking equals good health and good life.

Enjoy the Sun and Know the Rain Will Come

Rain will come, wind will arrive, enjoy the sun and know the rain will come. Designs highlight Joy as they include sleep, rain and pain for growth. Gratitude makes it digest more easily, Praise flavors it nicely.

Pray for a personal recipe.

Read scripture to lower the heat.

Meditate while stirring to prevent sticking or burn.

Warriors of Light know actions of Praise and Thanksgiving work immeasurably for the Good. They show in the smiles and confidence under Fire.

An Unlimited Supply of Joy

Smiles beget smiles and yawns beget yawns. Choose the smiles and watch the snowballing effect.

Pray and reach into an unlimited supply of Joy.

Read scripture to renew your mind. Move the focus from self to Source.

Meditate and offer your energy for His work. Receive Peace.

Warriors of Light know no limit exists on Goodness. When shared it multiplies, when planted it grows, when hidden it shines.

Helping Others and Doing the Next Right Thing

Choose to look with Joy at the new opportunities before you. Refuse to think that He would lead you on a path that was not the best. If you are unfamiliar with the process, take Joy in learning. As soon as someone informs you of the possible dilemmas, take Joy in trusting Him for the best.

Pray often to stay in touch with reality.

Read scripture, it’s like having Cliff notes which tell you the contents without the pain of going through it.

Meditate daily. Get used to letting Someone else be in charge.

Warriors of Light are trained to see the silver linings of any situation. They find happiness by Trusting God, helping others and doing the next right thing.

Look Up and Acknowledge

Let your heart melt with joy in this moment, see all of its treasures. A breath without pain is a privilege, a smile or a hug is a memory to be relished. Look up and acknowledge the Greater One, magnify what you have by sharing.

Pray to Our Father who treasures your prayers and offers you Life and Peace.

Read scripture to find truth, meaning and your place.

Meditate by breathing deeply.

Allow His Presence to be what you seek.

Warriors of Light value a firm foundation in a house and in faith. The Truth will stand and last and the truthful will last with it.

No Matter the Distance or Time Away


Turn toward the light at any time and be received with Joy. No matter the distance or time away the return takes only one step. Be surprised by blessings pouring upon those who but look upward, they were stored awaiting their return.

Pray and stay in touch with The Source of all Goodness.

Read scripture and learn that there is nothing new under the sun.

Meditate and mull over the Mercy offered by Our Father.

Warriors of Light march with purpose and enjoy sharing the adventure. They give and it is returned. Always available with a smile they know that giving to others opens an account which never runs dry.

The Truth Will Set You Free

What happened ? Several people watch the same event and they notice different aspects. Some were rested, some were hungry, some felt inferior and some knew all would be well. Increase the odds of being well by staying in His Light and out of mirror.

Pray to stay on the beam and pray for others.

Read scripture because His perspective is always fresh.

Meditate. Relax and know that when you reach up it brings him Joy.

Warriors of Light know that Truth stands. It stands through storms, emotional shifts and time. The Truth will set you free.

Love Others as If They Were a Toddler Bouncing Toward You

Love others as if you were the best Daddy on the planet. Love others, even when they haven’t called or followed through, as if they were a toddler bouncing toward you with their first few joyful steps. Open your arms and lift them up with acclamations and praise. Let their offenses fall away from your mind, embrace and enjoy the Love. God is Love.

Pray because it gets you out of you and it works!

Read scripture and refuse to be a victim.

Meditate and relax in The Light.

Warriors of Light know each day has it’s battles. They are not ours to fight. The winning side sits on the bleachers and allows Him the victory, then celebrates with Praise !

Let Your Attention Find Itself

Attention is a gift! We can give our attention to others and we can pay attention. He made us sentient beings aware of our lives and able to love. It is enough!

Pray to Him and share the joy His gift gives.

Read scripture and direct attention to the instruction manual.

Meditate and relax. Let your attention find itself.

Warriors of Light know wishing for what one does not have steals the attention from what one does have. Keep the mind in the present and notice moments that seem designed, they are by His attention.

Take the High Road and Be the Best You Can

Take the high road and be the best you can with your next step.

Step into His Light and use His strength! Drop all the old thoughts of mistakes past and fear of rules. Pick up the marching gear so freely offered and designed just for you. Realize that within His Light there is Life and Peace.

Pray because He awaits you with Joy saved with your name on it.

Read scripture to find there is nothing He hasn’t heard with understanding.

Meditate. Be still and watch Him hold up the planet for a few.

Warriors of Light know that He lives in their heart. His Light, Strength and Salvation are ours for the taking. Nothing is too difficult for Him or for us with Him. Joy Joy !