Stand Tall and Honor Him

Good posture allows gravity to wear more evenly. Bones and Integrity allow Him to support our frame and our frame of mind. If we give in to the tugs of the world, time plus gravity will leave us stooped.

Pray to stand tall and honor Him.

Read scripture. Let it soak into your bones.

Meditate. Close your eyes and breathe in the opportunity of Trust.

Warriors of Light know that Integrity is what Humility becomes over time. Just as the most common sum of any roll of two dice is seven, peace of mind is the oft result of humbly maintaining the Best posture.

Finding the Source of Light

Imagine the joy of doing good things without being asked and doing the right things when no one is watching. Integrity is followed by self respect and honor. What a match !

Pray for guidance and direction. Watch the flow !

Read scripture. There is a lot of truth in there.

Meditate. Breathe deeply with closed eyes. Repeat. Inhale the beauty of your blessings .

Warriors of Light remain on guard but evil cannot stand the Light. Increase your strength by helping others find the Source of Light.

Do What You Say You Will

People who do what they say they will do are noticed. If they can’t make it, they call beforehand.  They become valuable assets to all projects and people. They have good relationships. They enjoy life.

They understand the value of their word.

Pray to remember , “there is a God and it’s not me”.

Read scripture to remind yourself of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.

Meditate. Stop moving. Just breathe, deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light show love and respect by following through. They gain honor by being trustworthy.