When No One Is Watching

Be helpful even when no one is watching. Be trustworthy when no one is looking at you. Be courageous even when no one will know. And then don’t share the news ! Quietly enjoy the fruits of good character, of good choices.

Pray. Prayer works.

Read scripture. In it find instructions and answers.

Meditate. Choose silence. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know their character is built with the choices they make. Even the wrong choices will be redeemed for those looking upward.

Listen to the Voices

Take good care of yourself ! You can’t be of help to others until you take care of yourself. Listen to the voices saying exercise, eat this not that, be kind to others. All kinds of trouble can just be avoided.

Pray and give Thanks for good instruction.

Read scripture and remind yourself of truth.

Meditate. Rest your mind if only for a minute or two. It will make the rest of your chores easier.

Warriors of Light develop habits of good care. They nip their problems in the bud. They help other troops by example and kind illustration.