Still the Noise and Listen

Focus on the Good and move forward! Human energies are built to solve problems and find Joy in the solving. That big empty hole in oneself can be filled with Joy simply by turning upward and opening the disposition.

Pray to share consciousness with the All Powerful.

Read scripture to train the mind’s path.

Meditate. Relax control, still the noise and Listen.

Warriors of Light know the words “you can’t” to be inspirational because you can! Any desire that is in His flow cannot be stopped. Laryngitis cannot stop a speech needing delivery, tile shortages cannot stop the right roof being put on and weather will not stop the flights of those under His wings!

The mind made up is a powerful force.

Look Up and Take His Hand

Thoughtfully designed with a plan, we are offered Life. Made in His image we are creators of our own reality. Perhaps early training taught limitations but a bit of Inspiration and The Word opens the mind. Find it and share it if only by setting examples.

Pray for companionship and Direction.

Read scripture to detail your abilities.

Meditate and relax in your path.

Warriors of Light know thinking controls it all. They practice right behavior and gain proper thinking. Right feelings follow to help encourage. When they fall, they immediately look up and take His hand to continue their march.

Through Personal Touch

Get out what is put in ! Suit up and show up ! The most successful realtor stated his availability as “when you had time to look. “ When you called his number, he answered.

Not through Instagram or Tweets but through personal touch.

Pray with Thanksgiving. When people are thankful for what you give it inspires more giving.

Read scripture, note the track record of those who took His Word personally.

Meditate to recharge.

Warriors of Light know relationships are like gardens, they must be cultivated and tended to grow and bear fruit. He always takes our calls personally and will delivers us from the snare of the fowler and the noisome pestilence.

Let Go of the Chains You Have Been Carrying

Pray for direction, let Him be in charge, enjoy the people, creatures and adventures of Life. Let go of the chains you’ve been carrying and express Gratitude for the lighter weight. Go with the flow and forget directing the traffic.

Pray to stay on the beam. Use His Light to see through the shadows.

Read scripture for inspiration and guidance.

Meditate to refuel. Relax in awe and quiet that talkative, opinionated committee. Find peace in silence.

Warriors of Light do what they can to be of service in each moment. Rehearsing responses to anticipated words is of no count. They have learned (slowly) that is none of their business what other people are thinking.

Inspiration Followed by Action

Inspiration looks for those available. Grab the idea as it goes by or see it being implemented by someone else and wish you had moved sooner.

He is always there to guide and help.

Pray while remembering that prayer works.

Read scripture to hear that you will have what you say you will have.

Meditate. Just breathe deeply and meet with yourself.

Warriors of Light watch what people do, not what they say.  They know to expect otherwise is not wise. Warriors know that improving themselves seems to cause a change in others.

Two Steps Forward

Progress in real life is not indicated by straight lines of improvement. Two steps forward, rest, two steps to the side or back is more usual. He knows our hearts and how long we tangled the web. He can understand our thinking and is pleased by the improvement.

Pray for Guidance and Direction.

Read scripture as a never ending source of inspiration.

Meditate daily. Listen to your breathing and watch it lift your Heart.

Warriors of Light know willingness to be the fertilizer of progress in spiritual growth. Willingness also greases the rough spots as the web of self centeredness is pulled away. Acceptance soothes the soul as it breathes through freshly cracked ego.

Signed with a Blessing

Look for His signature in all of your moments. Each one is signed somewhere with a Blessing. Come out of your normal list of worries and desires. Look around at His offering for you.

Pray for Inspiration and Direction.

Read scripture. Yes, life does come with Instructions.

Meditate. This action of reducing action will increase the effectiveness of your next actions.

Warriors of Light fight only the present battles. They are not expected to carry the old battles or the future battles into today’s skirmish. You can tell a Warrior is in the present by the twinkle in his eye.

Where Do We Spend Our Time and Money?

Real values are in the heart and are demonstrated by followed through action. Turn off the sound and watch what people do. Short cut for this information … where do they spend their time and money?

Pray for inspiration.

Read scripture to reveal direction.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. You will gain vision.

Warriors of Light hear the voice of the Commander. While following this call, any rejection is protection.

There Are No Limits, Trust Yourself

There are no limits to what you can do if you start.  Supplies will appear if you look with a flexible request list. Reinforcements will arrive if you learn to receive help.

Just start. Don’t allow your talents to fade. Don’t wait for the son to graduate or the weather to change. Honor Him by using your gifts. Start now.

Pray for guidance, direction and inspiration.

Read scripture. Let it speak to your heart.

Meditate. Breathe in the air of opportunity.

Warriors of Light keep marching.

They find themselves with unforeseen victories loved by people they never imagined. All because they started and Trusted Him.

Inspired to Follow Through

Talent and potential is not uncommon. Inspiration and follow through is.  Exercise your judgement with action.

Pray upon awakening and through your day. He listens. He cares.

Read scripture. It holds clues to your purpose and direction.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and let your mind clear. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know that some days seem tough and dull. A smile and a good word can change drudgery into joyful purpose. Share the smiles !